Much Ado About Something
Fox, Karrell
Kaufman and Greenberg Publishing (1995)
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Fox, Karrell: Much Ado About Something
©1995, Kaufman and Greenberg Publishing
Hardcover, 164 pages

This hardcover, 164 page book, features a variety of entertaining, useable, and audience tested effects and routines. The author describes everything in a clear and conscise manner, providing enough information to get the job done, but leaving room for the reader to add their own ideas and personal touches to the effect. Over 70 tricks, accompanied by numerous black and white photographs and drawings throughout!
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No. of Pages 164
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Owner Bryan-Keith Taylor
Fox, Karrell
(1928 - 1998 )
When he was a child, his parents operated a small restaurant in E. Rainelle, West Virginia. A customer sneaked out without paying his bill, but left behind a few small tricks. With these, Karrell began his magic career. He appeared on the "Ed Sullivan Show" at the age of 18. He later had his own TV show, performing as Milky the Clown.
Invented: Bullseye Card, B.S. Miser's Dream Pail, Magical Assets, Nite-Cap, Take It and Stick It, Two Fisted Book Test, Mene-Tekel Book Test, Knifty Knot, No Not, Baffling Blow-Outs and many more.
Wrote: Clever Like a Fox (1976), Another Book by Karrell Fox (1979), Comedy A La Card, Karrell Fox’s The Legend, For My Next Trick (Illustrated by Ed Harris), My Latest Book (Illustrated by Ed Harris), Much Ado About Something (Illustrated by Ed Harris)
Media: Karrell Fox, Volume 1 (DVD & VHS);