Paul Fleming Book Reviews: Volume 1
Paul Fleming
Fleming Book Co. (1944)
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Fleming, Paul: Paul Fleming Book Review Volume 1
©1944 Fleming Book Company, NJ
Hardcover, 124 pages
©1944 Fleming Book Company, NJ
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 8.5x11", 124 pages

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Published by Fleming Book Company, Berkley Heights, 1944. Red hardcover boards with gilt title to cover and spine. Some general moderate wear, bumping, scuffing and age staining to this book but in nice shape overall. Dust jacket has some moderate general edge wear, some scufffing and a little chipping with a few small tears but is in fairly nice shape overall. Sound binding and clean pages. 124 pages. Sigend by Fleming on the title page.

Appraisals of works on sleight of hand, mind reading, pseudo spritualism, stage illusions, and kindered subjects.

Comments: Appraisals of Works on Sleight-of-Hand, Magic-Reading, Pseudo-Spiritualism, Stage Illusions and Kindred Subjects.

Contents (courtesy Genii's Magicpedia, numbers are not page numbers):

1 Miracle Methods No. 1 - The Stripper Deck (Jean Hugard and Fred Braue)
2 Magical Ways and Means (Al Baker)
3 Tarbell Course in Magic: Volume I (Harlan Tarbell)
4 The World's Best Book of Magic (Walter B. Gibson)
5 The Modern Conjurer (C. Lang Neil)
6 Silken Sorcery (Jean Hugard)
7 Tricks with Watches (Samuel Berland)
8 Modern Magic Manual (Jean Hugard)
9 Silks Supreme (Keith Clark)
10 Magic of the Hands (Edward Victor)
11 More Magic of the Hands (Edward Victor)
12 Lessons in Conjuring (David Devant)
13 Miracle Methods No. 2 - Miracle Shuffles and Tricks (Jean Hugard And Fred Braue)
14 The Tarbell Course In Magic: Volume II (Harlan Tarbell)
15 The Magic Art (Donald Holmes)
16 Magic for Everyone (Hereward Carrington)
17 Greater Magic (Revised Edition) (John Northern Hilliard)
18 The Best Tricks with Slates (Peter Warlock)
19 Magic (Barrows Mussey)
20 Miracle Methods No. 3 - Prepared Cards and Accessories (Jean Hugard And Fred Braue)
21 The Magic 36 (William S. Houghton)
22 Hugard's Annual of Magic 1937 (Jean Hugard)
23 Hugard's Annual of Magic 1938-1939 (Jean Hugard)
24 The Conjurer's Vade Mecum (J. F. Orrin)
25 Tricks of the Masters (Will Goldston)
26 Manual of Comedy Material (Rajah Bergman)
27 Magicians' Tricks, How They Are Done (Henry Hatton And Adrian Plate)
28 Marvels of Mystery (John Booth)
29 25 Methods For Switching Decks (Floyd D. Brown)
30 Call the Witness (Robert J. Gunther & A. Sidney Fleischman)
31 Celebrated Cigarettes (Keith Clark)
32 Exhibition Card Fans (Goodlette Dodson)
33 Sealed Mysteries of Pocket Magic (Jean Hugard)
34 Illustrated Magic (Ottokar Fischer)
35 Six Modern Levitations (U. F. Grant)
36 Annemann's Complete One Man Mental and Psychic Routine (Theo Annemann)
37 En Rapport (Theo Annemann)
38 Miracle Methods No. 4 - Tricks and Sleights (Jean Hugard And Fred Braue)
39 Producing Lighted Cigarettes (E. Lloyd Enochs)
40 Capers with Color (Harold R. Rice)
41 Cups and Balls Magic (Tom Osborne)
42 3-To-1 Rope Trick (Tom Osborne)
43 Secrets (U. F. Grant)
44 Card Miracles (Theo Annemann)
45 Thru the Dye Tube (Harold R. Rice And Wayne F. Van Zandt)
46 Close-up Magic for the Night Club Magician (Jean Hugard)
47 Expert Billiard Ball Manipulation, Part 1 & 2 (Burling Hull)
48 Mental Mysteries (Theo Annemann)
49 Misdirection for Magicians (Dariel Fitzkee)
50 The Tarbell Course In Magic: Volume III (Harlan Tarbell)
51 Rope Royale (Keith Clark)
52 Showmanship for Magicians (Dariel Fitzkee)
53 Annemann's Full Deck of Impromptu Card Tricks (Theo Annemann)
54 More Eye Openers (Ralph W. Hull)
55 Smart Magic (Ralph W. Hull And Nelson C. Hahne)
56 Comments On The Second Edition of Marvels of Mystery (John Booth)
57 Comments On The Second American Edition of Card Miracles and Mental Mysteries (Theo Annemann)
58 Houdini's Paper Magic (Harry Houdini)
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