Knowing The Ropes - Supreme "Know-How" Series
Ayling, Will
Supreme Magic Co (1987)
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Rope tricks
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Ayling, Will: Knowing The Ropes (Know-How Series)
©1987, 1st edition, The Supreme Magic Co. Ltd
44 pages 8.5x11" softbound

Comments ( Featuring the rope magic of Edward Victor, Shigeo Takagi, and Harry Carnegie. This was part of the Supreme 'Know How' series written and edited by Will Ayling, which was the continuation of the famous Teach-In series by Lewis Ganson.


4 Contents
5 Cut & Restored Rope
5 - Requirement
6 - And So To Cut
8 - The Extra Piece
8 - The Extra Loop
13 Edward Victor's Original Cut & Restored Rope Routine
13 - The Know How
18 - Harry Carnegie's Patter For The Edward Victor Rope Trick
21 The Off Knot
23 Rope Routine by Shigeo Takagi of Japan
23 - Apparatus
23 - Method
23 - First part - the unequal ropes
29 - Second part - the flying knot
29 - Third part - the real knot
30 - Fourth part - "Do as I do"
32 The Vishnu Rope Mystery
32 - In action
35 A Knotty Magic Routine
35 - Practice and Presentation
40 Stand-up - Scissors Linked Onto Rope
42 The Panama Rope Trick
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Will Ayling

William Richard Ayling
March 2, 1914
Portsmouth, England

May 23, 1992 (age 78)

Will Ayling (1914-1992), illusionist, close-up performer, and collector of antique magical apparatus was a past President of the Portsmouth Magical Society and of The British Ring.


Ayling assisted Lewis Ganson with his Teach-In Series, often appearing in the photographs which accompanied the text. He followed the series with his own "Know How" series of books dealing with individual effects or routines. [1][2]

The Art of Illusion (1968)
Genie Presentations (1972)
Oriental Conjuring (1981)
Knowing the Ropes (1987)
Knowing the Egg Bagg (1988)
Knowing the Chop Cup (1989)
Knowing the Rising Cards (1991)

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2.↑ Cover Linking Ring November 1982