The Topit Book 2.0 E-Book Version - The Magician's Ultimate Secret Weapon
Michael Ammar
Michael Ammar (2014)
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Magic tricks
Ammar, Michael: The Topit Book 2.0 E-Book Version
©2014 Michael Ammar

Comments: An updated version of Michael's original Topit Book from 1983 Includes updated design, video content, and more Also available in multiple formats, such as e-book.

Contents (numbers are not page numbers):

1 Copyright
2 Dedication
3 Foreword by Dai Vernon
4 Chapter 1 - Topit Psychology and Construction
5 The True Power of the Topit
6 When to use the Topit
7 Comfort Zones
8 Time Misdirection
9 Why Now for the Topit
10 Precautions when using the Topit
11 Topit Styles
12 The Open Topit
13 The Topit Design
14 Other Design Concepts

15 CHAPTER 2 - Basic Topit Actions
16 The Downward Toss
17 The Smash
18 The Direct Toss
19 The Open Palm Toss
20 The Upward Toss
21 The Pinch
22 The Circle
23 Minus One Toss
24 The Gesture
25 A Covering Motion
26 Back and Forth
27 Muscle Pass to Topit
28 Keeping the Coat Open
29 Bracing the Coat
30 Topiting While Seated
31 CHAPTER 3 - Applications
32 The Appearing Coins
33 Vanishing Okito Box
34 Four Signed Cards to Wallet #1
35 Four Signed Cards to Wallet #2
36 Handkerchief Deck Switch
37 Cards into Case
38 Ball and Silk Vanish
39 Topiting Fantasio
40 Striking Vanish a la Topit
41 Vanishing Cigarette
42 Smashing
43 Haley's Comet
44 CHAPTER 4 - Endings
45 Smashing Coin Magic
46 Color Changing Silks
47 Matrix Kicker
48 Coins Across Ending
49 Kicks with Okito
50 CHAPTER 5 - Contributors
51 Michael Weber
52 Weber: Silverwhere?
53 Weber: A Deep Circle
54 Weber: Shelless
55 Bob Fitch: Psychological Spheres
56 Harry Levine: Impossible

57 CHAPTER 6 - Professional Routines
58 The Vanishing Deck
59 The Crooked Deck
60 Almost Perfect Ring Flight
61 The Electrostatic Coin
62 Time Machine
63 Coin in Bottle
64 General Tips on the Coin in Bottle
65 Broken & Restored Watch
66 Fabulous Four Coin Routine
67 CHAPTER 7 - The Topit Years
68 A photographic retrospective
69 CHAPTER 8 - Final Thoughts
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Michael Ammar
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(1956-06-25) June 25, 1956 (age 56)
Logan, West Virginia
Occupation Magician
Known for Magic and Magic Training

Michael Ammar (born June 25, 1956) is an American close-up magician.[1] He is recognized worldwide as one of the greatest living magicians.[2]

1 Background
2 Magician
3 Magic Instructor
4 Publications
5 Awards
6 References

Ammar was born in Logan, West Virginia.[2]

Ammar earned a degree from West Virginia University in business administration in 1978.[2]

In 1982 Ammar competed with magicians from 30 countries to win the "Gold Medal in Close-up Magic" at Lausanne, Switzerland.[2]

It was during the 80's that he developed a close friendship with his mentor, Dai Vernon ("The Professor") – whose influence can be seen in every show Ammar performs.[citation needed]

Ammar was invited to perform on Johnny Carson's "The Tonight Show" – where he was a repeat guest.[citation needed] He moved to Los Angeles - where he became a regular performer at the Playboy Mansion, and made appearances on the Merv Griffin Show, The Tonight Show, CNN, and Travel Channel.[citation needed]

Ammar appeared at the Magic Castle in Hollywood.[citation needed]. By 1990 the Academy of Magical Arts in Hollywood had awarded him its "Oscar" in six separate categories (the maximum number of awards for which his is eligible).[2]

He appeared on NBC's 1998 "Worlds Greatest Magic 5" special,[2] and has been a guest on the Late Show with David Letterman.

Ammar has made private performances at Universal Studios and the Vatican.[citation needed] He performed and coordinated the magic talent at George W. Bush's Presidential inaugural banquet.[2] He was the first featured performer at the "Caesars Magical Empire" at Caesars Palace.[citation needed]

Ammar has performed on television in many countries, including: England, France, Canada, Japan, Sweden, Norway, Australia and Russia.[2]

Magic Instructor
Ammar helped pioneer the magic lecture tour industry,[citation needed] and has been lecturing to other magicians since about 1982.[1]

In 1999 Magic Magazine named Ammar as "One of the Most Influential Magicians in the Twentieth Century".[2]

On August 26, 2010, Outside Magazine cited Ammar as the "go-to source" for magic instruction.[3] The magazine published a list of "100 Things to Do Before You Die", and numbered 45 as "Learn a magic trick"—suggesting studying with the master, Michael Ammar.[3]

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"The Topit Book"
"Success and Magic"
"Videonics videos with Dai Vernon"
"Encore 1"
"Encore 2"
"Encore 3"
"The Magical Arts Journal"
"Brainstorm in the Bahamas"
"The Magic Video"
"Making Magic Memorable"
"Negotiating Higher Performance Fees"
"Restaurant Magic Business"
"The Magic of Michael Ammar"
"The Crazyman's Handcuffs"
"Easy to Master Card Miracles"
"Easy to Master Money Miracles"
"Easy to Master Thread Miracles"
"Easy to Master Business Card Miracles"
"The Topit DVD"
"Exciting World of Magic"
"Amazing Secrets of Card Magic"
"Complete Introduction to Coin Magic"
"Classic Renditions 1 - The Floating Bill"
"Classic Renditions 2 - Rubber Band Magic"
"Classic Renditions 3 - The Thumbtip Bill Switch"
"Classic Renditions 4 - Roll Over Aces"
"Live at the Magic Castle"
"The Topit Pattern"
"Any Signed Card to Any Specatators Wallet"
"Cups to Lemon"

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Distinguished Alumni Award from West Virginia University 2003
Magician of the Year, Tannens, NY 2000[2]
Best Close Up Magic, World Magic Awards, 1999[2]
Gold Medalist, World Sleight-of-Hand Competition, FISM, 1982
Best Sleight-of-Hand, International Magic Awards, 1991
Best Sleight-of-Hand, International Magic Awards, 1992
Best Parlor Magician, Academy of Magical Arts, 1990
Best Parlor Magician, Academy of Magical Arts, 1985
Best Close-Up Magician, Academy of Magical Arts, 1983
Best Lecturer, Academy of Magical Arts, 1983
Best Close-Up Magician, Academy of Magical Arts, 1981

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