How to Pick Pockets
Joseph, Eddie
Abbott's Magic Novelty Co (1940)
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Magic tricks
United States of America  eng
Joseph, Eddie: How to Pick Pockets
©1940 Abbott's Magic Novelty Co., Colon, MI
Softcover, stapled manuscript, 8.5x11", 30 pages



4 To Whom It May Concern (Eddie Joseph): "The information in this manuscript is being given for the sole use of Magicians, for entertainment only."

5 Contents
6 Introduction
9 The Theory and Fundamental Principle of Pickpocketing
12 The Practice of Pickpocketing
13 To Steal Handkerchief From Outer Breast Pocket (Three Methods)
13 - First Method
14 - Second Method
14 - Third Method
15 To Steal Pen or Pencil From Outer Breast Pocket
16 To Steal Pen or Pencil From Inside Breast Pocket
17 Stealing Articles From Inner Breast Pocket
18 Stealing From the Outer Coat Pocket
20 To Steal From the Hip Pocket
20 Stealing a Wrist Watch and Strap
23 Stealing Sock Suspenders - Garters
23 Stealing Trousers Suspenders - Braces
24 Between You And Me
26 Delivering the Goods
29 How to Rehearse Pickpocketing
30 A Few Words of Advice

Learn how to pick pockets for fun and profit. New online edition of Eddie Joseph's classic book, How to Pick Pockets, Pickpocketing for Magicians is a terrific introduction to the art. The techniques outlined in this concise guide are based upon the basic principles of misdirection and diversion. See how virtually anything carried in a person's pocket can be secretly removed - even while a thousand eyes are watching you! You will also learn how to remove wristwatches and articles of clothing without being detected. Many excellent effects that will add a unique blend of comedy and mystery to any magic act.

With this guide, anyone can learn to pick pockets. Imagine the reaction you'll get when you remove a spectator's shirt or boxer shorts! It's all explained. Plus, you'll even learn how to practice your pickpocketing skills at home. A fun and informative read.
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Edition British Edition
No. of Pages 30
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Location Magic Library (Home) Shelf N
Condition Very Good
Owner Bryan-Keith Taylor
Eddie Joseph
(3 Dec 1899 - 1 Jun 1974)

Born in Calcutta, India and of English parentage. Aka "Eddie Jason". Inspired at age 12 seeing Nicola show. Businessman in Calcutta & Bombay and semi-pro magician since age 18 (c1917) to 1945 when turned full-time pro. 1947 Sphinx Award. Edited the 8 issues of "The Magical Digest" (Bombay) 1947-48. Later moved to England, working for Max Andrews. Died in London.