The Heat of the Desert
Kranzo, Nathan W.
Nathan W. Kranzo (2004)
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Kranzo, Nate: The Heat of the Desert Lecture Notes
©2004 Nate Kranzo
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Comments: Nate's lecture notes for the 2004 Las Vegas Desert Magic Seminar. Read a full review by Caleb Wiles at

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1 Trey Tip: three cards are placed on edge on the table, two indifferent cards fall, the standing card is the spectator's selection
2 Flash Fold: a double surprise prediction - Jumbo card unfolded is a Joker, but the selection is written on the back, then the card is burnt in a flash and turns into the selection
3 Smells Like Aces: Instant production of the 4 Aces
4 Funtac Inflation: penny grows to half-dollar size, then to jumbo size; hands shown empty
5 Match's Coins: a match from a matchbook is lit and turns into a coin; another match is dropped in the fist and turns inot a coin, and a third coin is produced from smoke in the fist
6 Homing Tie: variation on the card to pocket or card to wallet - the card ends up tucked behind the magician's necktie
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Who is Nathan Kranzo?

A Comedian.

A Magician.

A Mind Reader.

An Entertainer.

Nathan Kranzo helps corporate event planners make their meetings and parties unforgettable and uproariously fun with unique programs consisting of magic, mind reading, comedy, and audience participation.

For 16 years Nathan has helped hundreds of private organizations and companies including General Motors, Sam’s Club, and Ameritech make their events a smashing success!

Nathan also teaches other entertainers from around the world how to be better performers. Nathan has performed and lectured all over the United States as well as Europe and Asia and has been a featured performer several times at the world famous Magic Castle in Hollywood, California. Most recently Nathan was a consultant for Penn and Teller’s NBC special.

Whether he is apparently reading someone’s mind, predicting events before they occur, or astounding his audience with some other form of magic, Nathan’s goal is to make you look good by presenting a show everyone will love and remember for a long time.