Diversified Magic
Leat, Harry
Harry Leat (1924)
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Magic tricks
Great Britain  eng
Leat, Harry: Diversified Magic
©1924 Harry Leat, London
Softcover, 5.5x9", 104 pages

Comments (raolsonmagic): Some mechanical magic, a growing ventriloquist figure with ventriloquist script, magic opinions by Leat, etc.

9 Introduction: on mechanical magic
14 Organ Pipe Pagoda: stage production
20 The Ribbon Flag: cloth strips vanish, and reappear as a flag in a frame
23 The Eclipse Ventriloquial Figure: comedy figure described, with dialogue
36 Lighted Matches From Matchbox: when a matchbox is lit, a lighted match appears
40 A Spring Production: patter outline for a production act
46 Printing Tricks: essay on where printers cut corners
49 Wand - Revolver - Fan: a versatile wand
51 The Rainbow: silk production ends in a rainbow silk
56 Self Locking Sand Frame: a routine for the frame, and tips on the sand
60 Shadows on the Blind: platform apparatus trick
64 The Light Went Out: poem
67 A Shadowgraphy Screen: plans
70 Open Letter to Mr J A Esler: more about printing and magic literature
74 The Magical Menagerie: a curtain is closed over a cage, and each time it is opened a different animal appears, with patter information for each animal
96 Animated Pictures: an idea, but not detailed
99 The Great Damphool Vanish
101 Stop Press: magical news
102 New Books
103 Forty Years In & Around Magic
104 Thoughtful Magic
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Leat, Harry
(1874 - 1949)
British magician, magic dealer, author. Invented: Run, Rabbit, Run, The House That Jack Built, Bang Gun(1932)
Wrote and published the periodical Leat's Leaflets from 1925 to 1940, Forty Years In and Around Magic (1923), Diversified Magic(1924), Tragic Magic (1925), Thoughtful Magic (1923)