The Card Magic Of Le Paul
LePaul, Paul
The Interstate Printers & Publishers (1949)
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LePaul, Paul: The Card magic of Le Paul
©1949 1st Edition
©1987 D. Robbins & Co. Fifth Edition
Paper, 219 pages (original in hardcover)

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1 Introductions

25 PART I. New and Improved Sleights and Flourishes

27 Chapter I. The Pass
27 The Importance of the Pass
29 LePaul's Invisible Turn-over Pass
35 A Flourish and a Pass

39 Chapter II. The Side-Steal
39 The Color-Change: Side Steal Method
45 The Side-Steal (Improved Method)

52 Chapter III. Palming
52 The Right Hand Top-Palm (Group)
54 The Right Hand Top-Palm (Single)
55 The Erdnase Bottom-Palm (Improved)
58 A Bottom-Card Steal
61 The Diagonal Left-Hand Palm (Improved)
64 Left-Hand Center-Card Steal

67 Chapter IV. A Useful Acquitment: Spreading deck with palmed card

69 Chapter V. A Double-Lift
69 The Flip-Over Double Lift
73 The Snap-Over Double Lift

77 Chapter VI. Changes
77 The Top-Change (Four Methods)
82 An Instantaneous Transformation

85 Chapter VII. False Dealing
85 The Second-Deal (Improved Method)
87 A Rapid One_Hand Deal
89 A Rapid One-Hand Second Deal
90 A Bottom Deal (Simplified)

93 Chapter VIII. Controls
93 A Natural Jog-Control
96 A Fancy Control
98 A Deceptive Crimp-Control
101 An Automatic Jog-Control

104 Chapter IX. False-Shuffles
104 A False Waterfall Shuffle
109 A False Riffle Shuffle

115 Chapter X. Flourishes
115 An Instantaneous Palm Flourish
119 A Card Fan Flourish
124 The Vanish and Reproduction of a Deck of Cards.

127 PART II. New and Different Magical Effects

129 Chapter XI. Simplicity - The Key to Good Magic

131 Chapter XII. How Close Can you Watch?

135 Chapter XIII. Deceptive Perception: 5 red back and 1 blue back cards change to 5 blue back and 1 red back cards

140 Chapter XIV. Mistaken Identity

143 Chapter XV.
143 The Substitution Envelope Mystery: Selection transposes with card in envelope
146 The One-Eyed Jacks

149 Chapter XVI. A Magical Transposition

151 Chapter XVII A Paradox of Paris

155 Chapter XVIII An Unexpected Climax

159 Chapter XIX A Perfect Stop Effect

161 Chapter XX An Impromptu Torn and Restored Card

165 Chapter XXI A Quadriplicate Mystery

169 Chapter XXII Color Segregation

175 Chapter XXIII A Deft Delusion

179 Chapter XXIV The Bashful Queens: Queens change to other cards, are found in pockets

183 Chapter XXV A Reverse Card Routine

190 Chapter XXVI An Impromptu Rising Card Effect

194 Chapter XXVII Transposition of Four Aces

199 Chapter XXVIII The Hand Picked Aces

203 Chapter XXIX Aces Up!

207 Chapter XXX The Gymnastic Aces

214 Chapter XXXI Cards in a Sealed Envelope
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The Card Magic Of Le Paul

This book is a must-own for any serious card worker. It is broken down into two parts, Sleights/flourishes and tricks.

The tricks, while all good, are nothing special. You might use one or two, but lets just say that when looking for new routines to learn I rarely turn to this book. (If you have further questions comment in this thread.)

The Sleights, on the other hand, are great. Le Paul created many of his own sleights and improved many more. One of my favorite go to moves in all of magic is the Le Paul Invisible Turnover pass, taught in the book. He also includes many other valuable techniques, such as the side steal, top and bottom palm, center steal, bottom/second deal, and false shuffles. Not only are they explained in detail, there are pictures of his hands with a deck of cards performing the moves, which is unusual for a book at all, let alone one published so long ago. Even if you think you know many of these moves, I guarantee if you read this book it will improve your handling of at least one of them.


Paul LePaul
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Olney, Illinois, USA Born August 2, 1900

June 8, 1958

Cause of death
natural causes


magician, performer, inventor

Known for
sleight of Hand, card magic

Paul LePaul (August 2, 1900 – June 8, 1958) was born Paul Shields Braden in Olney, Illinois. He grew up in St. Louis, Mo.

He started his professional career around 1920, doing a manipulative act entirely with playing cards. He adopted the name LePaul around 1927. LePaul made his New York vaudeville appearance in July 1928 at the Fifth Avenue Theater. He worked in vaudeville and later appeared in the top night clubs and hotels. He also played on Broadway in Earl Carrolls' Vanities.

He was a technical adviser for movies, including "Eternally Yours (film)" starring David Niven (1939). In a brief cameo he is seen doing card flourishes. In that same year, Paul LePaul was also credited for being part of the miscellaneous crew on the film Miracles for Sale.

During World War II, he performed tours with the USO.

"LePaul is one of the greatest manipulative magicians ever to practice the art of pleasant deception." - John Mulholland[1]

LePaul was one of the first to use to the split-fan production in a professional act. At one time he also used the glass vanish under the newspaper, and may have been the first man to use this as a stage trick. He appears to have started the Card to Wallet fad among magicians which was based on the routine he published as "Cards in Sealed Envelope" in the late 1940s. (Wallets did not become a common item until after the 1950s).[2]

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Published works
The Card Magic of LePaul (1949)
The Card Magic of Brother John Hamman (written and edited by LePaul) (1959)

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