LePAUL PRESENTS: THE CARD MAGIC OF BRO. JOHN HAMMAN S.M. - New And Different Effects With Playing Cards
LePaul, Paul
Paul LePaul (1976)
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LePaul, Paul: The Card Magic of Bro. John Hamman S. M.
©1958 Paul Le Paul
©1962 2nd Edition Don Lawton
©1969 3rd Edition Magic, Inc.,
©1976 4th Printing
Softbound, saddle-stitched, 47 pages

"Ever so often there appears on the magical horizon, an individual of unusual talents. I believe Bro. Joh Hamman to be such a person. For the past several years, we of St. Louis have watched this talented gentleman develop one new effect after the other. Each time we see him, he has a new one to show us, and he always baffles us with it. All his effects, like an O'Henry story, have an unexpected climax that take you completely by surprise. His manner is so disarming, and so casual, and his magic is so frustrating...Figuratively, he leads you down the garden path, until he gets you into exactly the spot he wants and then he turns on the sprinkler!!!!"


1 Title Page
2 Portrait of Bro. John Hamman
3 Foreword
5 Table of Contents
7 The Million To One Chance
10 Thoughts on the Transposition of Two Cards
10 - The Hand is Quicker than the Eye
14 - The Blushing Bride
15 - The Classical Transposition
16 - The Magician's Reprieve
18 Kings Through the Table
24 The Perfect Bridge Hand
27 The Elusive Burglar
32 Face Up Face Down Surprise
37 The Chameleon Colors
40 The Mystic Nine
44 Thought of Card Under the Table Cloth
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Paul LePaul
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Olney, Illinois, USA Born August 2, 1900

June 8, 1958

Cause of death
natural causes


magician, performer, inventor

Known for
sleight of Hand, card magic

Paul LePaul (August 2, 1900 – June 8, 1958) was born Paul Shields Braden in Olney, Illinois. He grew up in St. Louis, Mo.

He started his professional career around 1920, doing a manipulative act entirely with playing cards. He adopted the name LePaul around 1927. LePaul made his New York vaudeville appearance in July 1928 at the Fifth Avenue Theater. He worked in vaudeville and later appeared in the top night clubs and hotels. He also played on Broadway in Earl Carrolls' Vanities.

He was a technical adviser for movies, including "Eternally Yours (film)" starring David Niven (1939). In a brief cameo he is seen doing card flourishes. In that same year, Paul LePaul was also credited for being part of the miscellaneous crew on the film Miracles for Sale.

During World War II, he performed tours with the USO.

"LePaul is one of the greatest manipulative magicians ever to practice the art of pleasant deception." - John Mulholland[1]

LePaul was one of the first to use to the split-fan production in a professional act. At one time he also used the glass vanish under the newspaper, and may have been the first man to use this as a stage trick. He appears to have started the Card to Wallet fad among magicians which was based on the routine he published as "Cards in Sealed Envelope" in the late 1940s. (Wallets did not become a common item until after the 1950s).[2]

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Published works
The Card Magic of LePaul (1949)
The Card Magic of Brother John Hamman (written and edited by LePaul) (1959)

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