Ted Lesley's Paramiracles
Lesley, Ted
Hermatic Press, Inc. (1994)
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Magic tricks
Hardcover 0-945296-12-6
United States of America  English
Lesley, Ted & Stephen Minch (editor): Ted Lesley's Paramiracles
©1994 Ted Lesley, Hermetic Press
Hardcover, 6x9", 293 pages


Contents (courtesy TheMagicFiles.com, no longer active):

ix Introduction (T.A. Waters)
xi Foreword (Toni Forster)

1 Notes on My Life with Friends

14 Chapter One: Tricks Of Raised Consciousness
14 Dany Ray and Marcelle
19 The Split Card
19 The Will De Seive Gimmick
20 The Jontay Gimmick
21 The Koornwinder Gimmick
21 The Breather Crimp
24 The Principle
27 The Kismet Connection
34 Two Decks with But a Single Thought
36 The More Frequent Miracle
42 Medium in Your Pocket
46 Nap on the Ridge
52 The Out of Sorts Variations
56 Out of Sorts: Variation One
58 Out of Sorts: Variation Two
60 Seer of the Trivial
69 Princess of the Opera

78 Chapter Two: Paperworks
78 Boris Bossi And Eschi
81 Thoughts Untouched
89 Black Magic
93 Dissertation on the Center Tear

106 Chapter Three: Arsenal
106 Raxon
109 Spare Change
111 The Working Performer's Switch Pad
115 Border Intelligence
117 Dream Decks
121 Symbolico
125 Effects for an Invisible Author
126 The Book Test
126 Living And Dead
126 Pseudo-Psychometry
128 The Mentalist's Close Up Corner
132 The Mentalist's Tablecloth
134 The Dung Beetle Revelations
137 The Living Dead
138 Greased Ghost
139 Grand Mal Geller

146 Chapter Four: Promonition
146 Ralf and Inge Bialla
149 Pro-Monition

164 Chapter Five: New Pseudo-Psychometric Exercises
164 Alexander Adrion
170 Technicolor Graphology
173 Cimmerian Psychometry
177 Black Magic 2

186 Chapter Six: The Teleport Envelope
186 Milo and Roger
191 Serial Killer
194 Sign Onboard
196 Herald from the Invisible Realms
203 The Sough of Horses' Wings

220 Chapter Seven: Brainbusters
220 Billy McComb
223 News Time
232 My Telephone Directory
242 Mind Over Meniscus
251 Guiding Star
255 Pay Blaze
263 Early Edition

274 Chapter Eight: Mind Bender
274 Marvyn and Carlo Roy
277 Mind Bender

291 Do the Right Thing: A Parting Word

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Would you believe your eyes if you saw someone concentrate on a barrowed wine glass and, while it stood in total isolation, you saw it visibly bend? This is just one of the amazing marvels that Ted Lesley, Germany’s top professional mentalist, and winner of the Psychic Entertainers’ Dunninger Award explains in Paramiracles. He also reveals how a spoon on the table is made to twitch and wriggle until its hand looks like a corkscrew…How to predict with complete accuracy the day’s headlines weeks ahead of their occurrence, with not switch or loading of predictions…How, through sheer mental concentration, to make the wine in a glass held by a spectator defy gravity…How to cause a signed playing card to teleport into a sealed and empty envelope, given to an innocent bystander before the card was chosen. This is just a sampling of the more than three-dozen items featured in this volume, form full routines to subtle devices – all bearing the practical touch that only a working professional can provide. Here is mentalism that pushes the accepted boundaries of the field to their limits and beyond – into realms that are truly “paramiraculous!”
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Ted Lesley

August 01, 1937
Dueren, Germany

October 28, 2008 (age 71)


Ted Lesley (August 1, 1937 - October 28, 2008), born in Dueren in the Rheinland area of Germany, was a German magical entertainer and mentalist using the stage name of Friedrich Karl Helzel.

1 Biography
2 Honors and Awards
3 Bibliography
4 Marketed Tricks
5 References


Lesley became interested in magic when a school teacher performed a few magic tricks for him. Lesley first became an accountant and later a tax consultant in Berlin. The film director, Ottokar Runze, whom Lesley helped with an audit, offered him a role in his film, "The Lord of Barmbeck." Immediately after the film work, Ted gave up his tax profession. In 1974, Ted Lesley got his first professional engagement at the "Messeshow" in Hanover.

From March 23 until April 4, 1994 he presented a full evening show with the title "Ted Lesley's Magic Club" to the audiences in Berlin.

In November, 1995, the ZDF (a German television network) filmed a Ted Lesley special which was broadcast on February 20, 1996 as part of the series "37 Grad," in its evening program.

Lesley passed away on October 24, 2008 (complications arising from Parkinson's Disease).[1][2][3]

Honors and Awards
"Mentalist of the Year" with the "Dunninger Award" (1992)
"Writer of the Year" from "Magischer Zirkel von Deutschland e. V." (Magic Circle of Germany) for his book "Mental Mind-Ups." (1993)
"Leslie P. Guest Award" from the Society of American Magicians (1997)
Guest of honor at Docc Hilford's "Weerd Weekend." (1998)
"Siver Medal of Honor" of the Zauberfreunde Berlin e.V. (1998)
Gold Star Member of the Inner Magic Circle from the Magic Circle of London. (1999)
Creative Fellowship Award from the Academy of Magical Arts (April 20, 2001)

The Kismet Connection (1986)
The Working Performer's Marked Deck Manual (German edition 1982; English translation, 1983, as Marked: The Marked Deck Manual; expanded edition, 1987, as Ted Lesley's Working Performer's Marked Deck Manual)
Mental Mind-Ups (1992)
Ted Lesley's Paramiracles ((1994) (translated by Bill Palmer & Oliver Erens)

Marketed Tricks
The Working Performer's Marked Deck (1983)
The Working Performer's Hydrostatic Glass (1987)
Credit-Card Card Trick (1985)
Delsey Miracle (1988)
Automatic Pegasus Page (1988)
Teleport Envelope

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