Modus Operandi - Demon Series Part Two
Lewis, Eric C.
L. Davenport & CO.
In Collection
Magic tricks
Great Britain  eng
Lewis, Eric C.: Modus Operandi Part Two
©1944 Eric Lewis, L. Davenport & Co., London
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 144 pages

Comments: Continued from Part One. With illustrations by Laurie.

Contents (from book, page number continue from Part One):

76 Chapter Five Card Magic For The Platform
76 The Perfect Torn and Rising Card
85 Tickets Please!
87 Stop (Captain J.E. Stone)
89 The Imaginary Aces
91 An Improved Version
92 The Jumbo Card Guillotine

97 Chapter Six The Lewis Utility Lift Tray
97 How to Build the Lewis Lift Tray
100 Methods of Concealing the Lift
103 The Slam-thru Glass of Milk Penetration
106 Another Magic Welding
109 Vanibowl - A Perfected Bowl of Water Vanish
112 He Go—He Come Back - A Startling Effect With a Live Canary
114 Final Notes on the Lift Tray

115 Chapter Seven Conjuring With Cubes
115 The Escaping Cube
118 The Tantalising Tubes
120 British—Always on Top
122 The Repeating Die Through Hat

126 Chapter Eight More Miscellaneous Magic
126 The Casket of Boxes
131 A Candid Camera Study
134 Telephone Directory Mentality
136 Old Rags
139 Swing Time

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Lewis, Eric
(1908 - 1993)
British-born illusion builder and owner of MagiCraft Magic Manufacturing Co. Eric built apparatus for the Milson-Worth Company, and did special work for the Albo collection. Though he developed many magic effects, his best known is the Diminishing Silk Production. He is the father of Martin Lewis.
Wrote: A Choice of Miracles (1980), A Continuation of Miracles (1981), The Crowning Miracles (1983), Martin's M*I*R*A*C*L*E*S, Eric Lewis’ Rope Routine, Studies in Mystery (1941), P.T. Selbit A Magical Innovator (with Peter Warlock), Walter Jeans, Illusioneer (with Peter Warlock), Open Sesame (1947 with Wilfred Tyler)
Media: Personal Magic of Eric Lewis Vol. 1 CD-ROM