Dick Daring's Bag of Tricks - Sponsored by The Quaker Oat Company
Lindhorst, Will
The Reilly & Lee Co., (1934)
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Magic tricks
Lindhorst, Will L: Dick Daring's New Bag of Tricks
©1934 The Reilly & Lee Co, Chicago
Softcover, perfect-bound, 5x7.5", 64 pages

Comments: "featuring Quaker Puffed Wheat and Puffed Rice, the two cereals which children in 42 states voted 'Most Delicious of all Cereals'" Compliments of The Quaker Oats Company. There was a previous book in the series, "Dick Daring's Bag of Tricks".


4 How to Tear Paper Napkin
5 Trick with Paper
6 Who Can Smash a Penny Box?
7 Mysterious Answer
8 Dime from Under Glass
9 How to Invert a Glass of Water
10 How to Fill a Glass Twice
11 Blow Candle Out Thru Bottle
12 Five and Six Matches Make Nine
13 Raising 3 Matches with 1
14 Smoke Without Tobacco
15 The Magic Corks
16 Card to Match Box
17 Making Water Rush Up Into Glass
18 Light a Candle from Smoke
19 Hang a Ring on Burnt String
20 Vanishing Coin and Match Box Trick
21 Jumping Spoons
22 Lighted Candle Under Water
23 Burning Paper to Pencil Line
24 To Pass One Match Thru Another
25 Egg In and Out of Bottle
26 Broken Match and Handkerchief Trick
27 Lovers' Matches
28 The Magic Envelope
29 Match and Dime Trick
30 Handkerchief That Will Not Burn
31 Traveling Sound from Fork to Glass
32 Appearing Rose
33 Changing Card
34 Cord and Ring Trick
35 Making a Card Move Across a Table
36 Coin in Sleeve Trick
37 To Pass a Glass Thru Table
38 Cards from Pocket
39 A Trick with Rule and Poker
40 How to Cut a Bottle with a Piece of String
41 Naming Top Card on Three Packs
42 How to Raise Four Knives with One
43 Picking Up 20 Cards With Palm
44 Magnetizing Match with Coin
45 The Walking Cork
46 Passing a Quarter Through Hole Half Its Size
47 How to Read Cards with Backs to You
48 How to Tell Number of Relatives You Have
49 How to Restore a Torn Cigarette Paper
50 Vanishing Half Dollar in a Glass of Water
51 Tie Handkerchief in Knot with One Hand
52 Balancing Two Forks on Edge of Glass
53 Making 4 Cards Appear on Top
54 Balancing a Handkerchief on Your Nose
55 Telling the Color of Crayons
56 Puzzling Trick with Numbers
57 Magnetic Match Trick
58 Knotted Handkerchief Trick
59 Making Egg Hop from One Glass to Another
60 Mysterious Angle Trick
61 Coin Balancing
62 Two Puzzling Match Tricks
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No. of Pages 64
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Condition Good
Owner Bryan-Keith Taylor