Tricks And Magic - A New Bag Of Tricks
Lindhorst, Will
The Reilly & Lee Co. (1934)
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Magic tricks
Lindhorst, Will: Tricks and Magic
A New Bag of Tricks
©1934, The Reilly & Lee Co., Publishers
Hardcover, 114 pages

Comments: Illustrated by Tom P. Barrett. This is a book of one-page "quickies" great for beginners or for impromptu magic

1 Coin Balancing
2 Spelling Bee with Cards
3 Telling Time by Looking at Back of Watch
4 How to Tear Pack of Cards in Two
5 Finding Coin in Orange
6 How to Find Selected Card
7 Making Start by Burning Iron
8 Two Easy Match Tricks
9 Making a Tree Out of a Newspaper
10 Thousand-to-One Card Trick
11 How to Eat a Candle
12 How to Make Egg Float in Air
13 Uncanny Mind-Reading Trick
14 Blowing Match Out Through Sleeve
15 Two Match Tricks
16 A Finger Trick
17 Supporting a Glass on a Piece of Paper
18 Making Bail Rise and Fall Between Your Hands
19 How to Make a Magic Propeller
20 Two Tricks with a Glass
21 Balancing Pencil and Card on Hand
22 Finding a Missing Card
23 Two Tricks with a Half-Dollar
24 Make Coin Appear in Empty Match Box
25 Changing Ink into Water
26 Baffling Card Trick
27 Goldfish Appear in Empty Bowl
28 Make Dots Come and Go on Matches
29 Changing Five Cards into Two
30 A Handkerchief Trick
31 A Puzzling Number Trick
32 Making Sparks with Piece of Paper
33 Two Clever Match Tricks
34 Finding Card in Pack After It Is Shuffled
35 An Envelope Trick
36 Changing Rice into Coffee
37 The Vanishing Quarter
38 Picking the Last Match
39 Tricks with Paste and Scissors
40 Mind-Reading Trick with Watch
41 A Cross-Number Puzzle
42 Drinking Covered Glass of Water
43 Magic Circle of Cards
44 Balancing Chips on Edge of Glass with One Hand
45 Making Match Appear to Pass Through a Safety Pin
46 How to Make One Square Out of Five
47 Catching Card with Handkerchief
48 Picking Up Bottle with Soda Straw
49 The Mesmerized Chair
50 Two Tricks with Cracked Matches
51 Mathematical Card Trick
52 Catching Discs on End of Stick
53 Finding Name of Card Written on Paper Inside a Nut
54 A Trick with Poker Chips
55 Baffling Trick with Cords
56 How to Deal Six Pat Hands
57 Drawing Lighted Candle from Pocket
58 Mystifying Number Trick
59 Making Photograph Disappear in Glass of Water
60 Magic Pencil Trick
61 Setting Fire to Lump of Sugar
62 Writing with Water and Salt
63 A Puzzling Button Trick
64 A Spirit Card and Watch Trick
65 Pouring Smoke from One Glass to Another
66 Throwing Cards in Air and Making One Cling to Ceiling
67 Making Handful of Tobacco Disappear
68 How to Make a Thimble Float
69 The Mysterious 21-Card Trick
70 Picking Handkerchief out of Air
71 Light Safety Match on Shoe
72 The Vanishing Pencil
73 Mind-Reading Coin Trick
74 Amazing Mind-Reading Trick
75 The Magic Grape Seed
76 Sugar Vanishes on Soda Cracker
77 Making Egg Stand on End
78 A Spirit Ring Trick
79 The Magic Piece of Velvet
80 A Rubber Band Trick
81 Put Nine Pennies in Ten Rows with Three in Each Row
82 How to Pick Your Name Out of Hat
83 Bottle Cap and Handkerchief Trick
84 Making Cigaret Rise and fall in Ink Bottle
85 Making Cards into Boomerangs
86 A Clever Coin Trick
87 Making "Waterfall" with Cards
88 The Magnetic Glass
89 Card That Can't Be Blown
90 Lifting Table with Palm of Hand
91 Changing Seven of Hearts into Eight
92 A Spirit Slate Trick
93 Dropping Coin Through Hat
94 Difficult Handkerchief Knot
95 Trick with Key and Pack of Cards
96 Tearing Card and Making It Whole
97 Two More Match Tricks
98 A Penny Trick
99 Make Coin Disappear in Handkerchief
100 Smoking Lighted Cigaret with Hands
101 Striking Knuckles without Injuring Yourself
102 Telling Number of Cards by Weight
103 How to Read Cards Inside a Box
104 Trick with Pin and Book
105 A "Spirit" Trick with a Cup
106 Making Eggs Appear and Disappear
107 A "Spirit" Slate Trick
108 How to Take One Coin from Under Another
109 A Puzzling Coin Trick
110 Making Card Jump from Hat
111 Mind-Reading Trick with Paper
112 A Vanishing Knife Trick
113 Making String Pass Through Pencil
114 A "Spirit" Coin Trick
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