The Success Book Volume 4
Marshall, Frances & Jay
Magic Inc.
In Collection
Magic Business
USA  eng
Marshall, Frances and Jay: The Success Book Vol. 4
©198? Magic, Inc., Chicago, IL
Softcover, comb-bound, 8.5x11", 233 pages

Not dated, written by Frances Marshall of Magic Inc., Chicago, spiral bound, illustrated with line drawings and containing 233 pages.

A Fine copy in like new condition.

The fourth and final of four big volumes. A guide to every aspect of your magic life. The accent in this fourth volume is on "Celebrating with Magic." All the holidays and special events in the lives of people are considered--with dandy tricks and routines for all of them.

Contents include:

Celebrating With Magic (A magical idea bank);
Square Circle;
Jim Kleefield’s Changeable Square Circle Ideas;
Six More Kleefield Designs;
Cox Modern Production Frame;
Harbin’s Nest Of Boxes Production;
Routine For The Nest Of Boxes;
Peek In Panels;
Breakaway Box;
Variation On The Breakaway Box;
Celebrating With Your Favorite Puppet;
The Days We Celebrate;
Hermagic Magic Vent Puppet;
Black Art Cage;
Flash Finale;
Do It Yourself Designs On Skills;
Santa’s Workshop And Other Christmas Magic;
The Farmer And The Witch Theme;
Boxing With Magic;
Exhibiting And Handling Of Small Apparatus;
Gwynne Flip Over Box;
The Doll’s House;
Christmas Magic Book;
Shopping To Celebrate With Magic;
Celebrating Talk With Client;
Halloween Adaptation For Square Circle Cabinet;
Trick or Treat;
Anniversary Show;
Gag For All Seasons;
Magic Santa Claus;
The Santa Claus Card;
Merry Christmas With The Six Card Repeat;
Vanishing Christmas Wand;
Cut And Restored Christmas Letters,
Allessandro’s Christmas Tree Production;
Mrs. Murph’s Christmas Tree;
Hubert The Undernourished Rabbit;
Red, White And Blue Fantasy;
Christmas Tree/Cherry Tree;
Celebrating With Magic-The Bunny Bit;
Showtime At Marriott’s Great America;
Bunny In A Basket;
Don Lawton’s Presentation Of Dove Penetration Frame;
The Days We Celebrate-Part ll;
On Building A Magic Library;
Super Show-Part ll (Planning for perfection);
Customizing Your Magic;
The One Minute Magician;
Going For The Gold At The Seminar;
Something Else..

Hardcover, spiral bound to lie flat for easy study. 232 pages.
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No. of Pages 233
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Location Magic Library (Home) Shelf P
Condition Near Mint
Owner Bryan-Keith Taylor
Marshall, Frances Ireland

Frances was the owner of the Chicago magic shop Ireland Magic Co., which she later named Magic Inc. She was, perhaps, the most influential woman in the male dominated field of magic. Her entire life was spent with magic, as a performer, writer and promoter. She was married to magic inventor L.L. Ireland until his death in 1954, and then married magician Jay Marshall. As Mrs. Ireland, she was the founder, in 1938, of Magigals, an association for female magicians (today called Women In Magic).For more than five years, Mrs. Marshall appeared every Sunday in the "Funny Paper Party," a program on WGN-TV featuring Chicago Tribune publisher Col. Robert McCormick.
Wrote: You Don't Have To Be Crazy (1946), With Frances In Magicland (1952), Kid Stuff (six volumes/1954-75), How to Sell by Magic (1958), The Sponge Book (1960), The Success Book (four volumes/1973-84), The Happy Birthday Business (1978), My First 50 Years (1981), Those Beautiful Dames (1984), Come Out Flying, the long running Around Chicago column in the Linking Ring Magazine and many other books, booklets, manuscripts and articles. If You're the M.C. (with Jay Marshall), Table Book by Frances and Jay Marshall