The Success Book Volume 3
Marshall, Frances & Jay
Magic Inc. (1982)
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Magic Business
USA  eng
Marshall, Frances and Jay: The Success Book Vol. 3
©1982 Magic, Inc., Chicago, IL
Softcover, comb-bound, 8.5x11", 200 pages

Frances and Jay Marshall and a panel of experts
Magic Inc, 1982-01-01. Plastic Comb. Very Good. Plastic Comb bound 8.5 x 11" approximately 200 pages in brown boards, illustrated throughout, tight and unmarked. oversized and overweight.
Published : 1982-01-01

A Fine copy in like new condition.

The third of four big volumes. A guide to every aspect of your magic life. Every aspect of magic is covered--how to book your show, how to build your show, how to dress, how to get publicity. You name it, its here. Really a guidebook to your whole life in magic.

Contents include:

Our Magic Neighborhood,
John Shirley And The Balloon Barrage;
Stan Greer Makes A Presentation;
Fine Art Of Collecting; Conjuring In The Streets;
Working Theme Parks; Bunkin’s Success Story And The Fantasy Grams;
Magic-The Wonder-Full Hobby;
This Something Called Magic;
Le Grand David And His Own Spectacular Magic Company;
Magic Among The Bankers;
Video Magic;
Magician And The Video Recorder;
Those Precious Tiny Horses;
Conjuriatrics-The Art Of Entertaining The Elderly;
Performing For The Mentally Retarded;
Success With Seniors;
Cruise Ship Magic;
Conjuring Charisma;
Fashions For Men;
Latest In Dentistry Abracadabra;
Direct Booking Of Schools;
Gerard Majax-Magician From France;
The Man Who Gets Laughs For Presidents;
Biography Of Mark O’Brien;
Framework For A Magic Skit;
The Magic Bus Brought To Life;
Put Magic In Your Training;
If There’s One Born Every Minute, You Might As Well Profit;
Dear Abbey;
How Much Do I Charge For A Trade Show;
Trade Shows Now And Where They’re Headed;
Notes From Bob Snodell;
Inside Look At A Trade Show Survey;
Stuart Cramer Comments;
From The Idea Machine Inc.;
Mike Rogers On Trade Shows;
Dick Swandby, Trade Show Expert, Surveys The Situation;
Review Of A Trade Show Biggie;
Comments On The Trades By Lorayne;
Tom And Liza Tucker and ESP Inc.;
Nothing Succeeds Like Success;
Willy Wonka;
Some Meetings;
The Johnny Gaughan I Know;
Adaptability, The Key To Success In Close-Up Magic;
A Repro Magic Illusion;
Big Audience-Small Magic;
The American Museum Of Magic;
How About Magic For A Real Live Commercial?;
The Steve Hart Parakeet Circus;
Selling Magical Services;
Invitation To Ringling Brothers Clown College;
Lions, Tigers, Magicians And Others;
Let’s Hear It For The Kitty Kats;
Be A Haunted House Entrepreneur;
Using Assistants From The Audience;
The Books-Many Of Them Magic; Study Magic Like The Pros;
These Shoes Are Made For Clowning;
Insuring Your Magic Collection;
There’s More Than One Way To Be A Champ;
Magician On The Mound;
Mike Lum, Chicago Cubs;
To Be Successful, You Have To Be Ready;
Another Kind Of Success;
Playing The Colleges;
Telling The World;
Paul Driscoll;
Theatre Is Magic;
New And Different;
The Magic Of Custom Advertising (A book-within-a-book feature);
How To Write A Magical Best Seller (A book-within-a-book feature).
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No. of Pages 200
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Location Magic Library (Home) Shelf P
Condition Near Mint
Owner Bryan-Keith Taylor
Marshall, Frances Ireland

Frances was the owner of the Chicago magic shop Ireland Magic Co., which she later named Magic Inc. She was, perhaps, the most influential woman in the male dominated field of magic. Her entire life was spent with magic, as a performer, writer and promoter. She was married to magic inventor L.L. Ireland until his death in 1954, and then married magician Jay Marshall. As Mrs. Ireland, she was the founder, in 1938, of Magigals, an association for female magicians (today called Women In Magic).For more than five years, Mrs. Marshall appeared every Sunday in the "Funny Paper Party," a program on WGN-TV featuring Chicago Tribune publisher Col. Robert McCormick.
Wrote: You Don't Have To Be Crazy (1946), With Frances In Magicland (1952), Kid Stuff (six volumes/1954-75), How to Sell by Magic (1958), The Sponge Book (1960), The Success Book (four volumes/1973-84), The Happy Birthday Business (1978), My First 50 Years (1981), Those Beautiful Dames (1984), Come Out Flying, the long running Around Chicago column in the Linking Ring Magazine and many other books, booklets, manuscripts and articles. If You're the M.C. (with Jay Marshall), Table Book by Frances and Jay Marshall