7 Secrets by J.C. Wagner
Martinez, Chuck
L & L Publishing (2001)
In Collection
Magic tricks
USA  eng
Wagner, J.C.: 7 Secrets
©Undated, Pub. Larry Beck, CA
©1990 L&L Publishing
Softcover, comb-bound, 5.5x8.5", 59 pages 7 Secrets

Comments: Illustrations by Dwight Dunaway. FROM THE AUTHOR: "I hope you, the reader, will find something worthwhile in these pages and that one or more of my seven secrets will find its way into your routines and performances."


1 Torn and Restored Card
12 Matrix Torn and Restored Card
28 Spectral Silk
33 Mentally by Two
36 J.C.'s Color Changing Deck Routine
42 Ace-Two-Three-Four
46 Pop-Out Revelation

49 Bonus Section
49 Charisma Change
54 Wagner Clink Pass
57 Triple Cut for Triumph
58 Final Word

Includes Torn and Restored Card; Matrix Torn and Restored Card; Spectral Silk; J.C.'s Color-Changing Deck Routine; Mentally By Two; Ace-Two-Three-Four; Pop-Out Revelation plus a special bonus coin section featuring The Charisma Change, Silver & Copper Transposition, and the Wagner Clink Pass.

softcover, 59 pages, and titled 7 Secrets by J.C. Wagner. Edited by Chuck Martinez. 7 famous routines by J.C. and 4 tricks in the bonus section.
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Original Title 7 Secrets by J.C. Wagner
Original Publisher L & L Publishing
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