Maskelyne On the Performance of Magic
Nevil Maskelyne
Dover Publications Inc. (1976)
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Magic tricks - Theory
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Maskelyne, John Nevil: Maskelyne On The Performance of Magic
©1976 Dover Publications
Softcover, perfect-bound, 151 pages.

Comments: The copyright page states, "This Dover edition, first published 1976 by Dover Publications, is an unabridged republication of part I, "The Art in Magic", of "Our Magic", by Nevil Maskelyne and David Devant, as published by E. P. Dutton & Co., New York, in 1911."

Contents: (Chapters, from book ToC, page numbers are not accurate):

1 Chapter I The Real Secrets of Magic
5 Chapter II The Three Degrees in Art: High Art, Normal Art, False Art
29 Chapter III Unity
43 Chapter IV Consistency
55 Chapter V Justification
65 Chapter VI Surprise and Repetition
77 Chapter VII Effects of Transition
85 Chapter VIII Climax
101 Chapter IX Presentation
111 Chapter X Rehearsal
129 Chapter XI Speed In Presentation
134 Chapter XII Patter
150 Chapter XIII Stage Manner and Personality
157 Chapter XIV Mental Attitude
162 The Importance of Artistic Principles
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Maskelyne, John Nevil
Born in Cheltenham, England. Founded the great Maskelyne dynasty of English magicians. He got his start exposing the spiritism performance of the Davenport brothers. His performing partner was George Cooke. He opened the Egyptian Hall in London, a showplace for magic and illusion performances, and operated it for thirty years. In partnership with David Devant, he then opened St. George's Hall, a similar venue. A feisty personality, he was involved in two nasty and noteworthy lawsuits. The first involved a claim that Maskelyne had not exactly duplicated the feats of a spirit medium and was therefore not entitled to the challenge money offered. The second suit involved his attempt to stop two other magicians from performing a box escape similar to the one in his show; this suit was dropped when Maskelyne refused to reveal the secret of the escape to the court. His Box Trick invention was the one used by the Houdinis in their "Metamorphosis."
Invented: Thumb Writer, Substitution Trunk Illusion, Mummy Case Illusion, Cleopatra's Needle, The Mystic Freaks of Gyges, "Will, The Witch and the Watchman", Psycho(1875)
Wrote: Sharps and Flats (1894), The Magnetic Lady! or a Human Magnet Demagnetized, Modern Spiritualism (1875), Natural Magic. Published The Magic Circular Magazine
Coauthored: Our Magic with David Devante (1911)