Touching Sky - a guide to levitating
Mayne, Andreww
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Mayne, Andrew: Touching Sky
A Guide to Levitating
©2003 Andrew Mayne
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 18 pages

Andrew Mayne presents six ways to defy gravity.

Whether you're performing on stage or on the street, there's a method here for you! Along with new presentations for three classic effects, Andrew presents three all-new levitations. Contains:

BroomFlight - Be a real-life Harry Potter and float on a borrowed broom
* Airborne - Have a seat 6 feet up in the air
* Floating on the Edge - An impromptu levitation that can be performed virtually anywhere
* Mid-Air - A levitation suitable for stage that will leave your audience amazed and costs you less than and 10 minutes of time to make
* Suspension of Disbelief - Hypnotize your assistant and make them float five feet in the air
* The Street Levitation - A simple, easy to understand explanation of the levitation seen by millions of people on television (the one everyone asks if you can do).

Contents (from book):

4 Portrait of a Young Levitator
6 Broomflight: float on a borrowed broom
8 Airborne: float off of a chair
10 Floating on the Edge: impromptu floating off of stairs
12 Mid-Air: floating off a stool for stage
14 Suspension of Disbelief: assistant floats five feet in air while lying on chairs
16 The Street Levitation: impromptu low levitation
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