Magic - Signed By Author
Mayoh, William
Tannen (1949)
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Magic tricks
USA  eng
Mayoh, William (Ho-Yam): Magic by HoYam
©1940 Tannen
Paperback, 137 pages

©1949 Peterson Printing Corp., South Bend, IN
Hardcover, 7x10.25", 137 pages, with dustjacket

Magic : A Collection of Practical Magical Effects, All of Which Have Been Tried and Tested

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Comments: "A collection of Practical Magical Effects All of Which have been Tried and Tested". Photographic illustrations by the author Ho Yam (Wm. Mayoh). Includes many photos describing the construction of oriental stage effects used in his act.

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ii Preface
iii Introduction (William "Rufus" Steele)
1 The Wandering Fan
5 Rice Bowls, Confetti and Fountain Effect
11 White Confetti to Milk
13 Quick Liquid Vanish
17 Cups of Pekin
19 The Light That Was, or the Chinese Table Lamp
27 The Dollar Bill in the Light Bulb
31 Chinese Snow Storm
33 The Chinese Laundry
39 The Thief of Bagdad
41 Coin Easel
46 The Cash Pot
47 The Inexhaustible Water Bottle
49 The Surprise Finish
53 From Nuts to Mr. Rabbit
55 The Chinese Phantasy
57 The Elusive Chinese Boy
61 The Ring on the Rod
65 The Ring and Rope Penetration
67 The Silk and the Egg
69 The Oriental Sands
73 From the Mouth of Fu-Ling-U
75 The Chinese Blocks
79 Coin and Silver Boxes
83 Ho Yam Rabbit Vanish
87 Chinese Square Drum
91 The House that Chang Built
97 The Ancient Coins of China
103 Ho Yam Bird Cage or Fish Bowl Production
107 A New Cut and Restored Effect
111 The Chinese Cinderella
115 Catching a Dove in the Air (without assistant)
121 Catching a Dove in the Air (wit assistant)
121 The Tube of Pekin
127 Flower Growing
129 Chinese Lantern Production
129 Table for Same
129 Type of Release Used
133 Chinese Foulard Production
137 Au Revoir
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Extras Author autograph
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