Magic With Finger Rings
Jerry Mentzer
Jerry Mentzer (1984)
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Magic, Magic / Mentalism
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Mentzer, Jerry: Magic with Finger Rings
©1993 Jerry Mentzer
Paperback, 82 pages
©1984 Jerry Mentzer
Hardcover (missing dustjacket), 82 pages

Out of print.
J. Mentzer, 1984 - Magic tricks - 82 pages Hardback missing dustjacket

Comments: Magic with both borrowed and gimmicked finger rings.


1 Introduction

4 Chapter One - The Spectator's Ring Links
5 The Himber Ring (Richard Himber): explained
5 Routine For The Himber Ring
7 Reputation Ring (Steve Dusheck): using 2 matching rings, one gimmicked
8 Locked Ring (Steve Dusheck): borrowed ring onto necklace
9 Dusheck's Ring Trick (Steve Dusheck): flying ring, no reel
11 Ring Finale (Steve Dusheck): useful for other ring tricks
12 Rubber Ringer (Bill Kalush): ring on rubber band

18 Chapter Two - Ropes, Rods And A Ring
19 Ring On Stick A La Hoffmann: from Hoffmann's Modern Magic
20 Ring On Stick - "The Art Of Magic" (T. Nelson Down)
21 Ryan's Rope, Ring And Rod (Jim Ryan): with borrowed ring
26 Repeat Ring Release (Dr Dan McDonald): ring off rope, uses a gimmicked ring, but most can be done with a borrowed ring
31 A Ring Trilogy (Scotty York): uses four rings, three gimmicked
35 Stand-Up Ring Routine (Scotty York): stand up version of above
36 Ringer (Scotty York): borrowed finger ring on/off rope
38 Another Ring Move (Earl Nelson): ring off rope move
39 The Faustus Ring (Dan Garrett): ring on rope move, borrowed ring
40 Walkoff (Steve Dusheck): borrowed ring removed from knot on rope
41 Routine For Walkoff (Steve Dusheck): for a Himber ring or two duplicate rings
42 Ring - Knot Really (Michael McGivern): ring release from knot, borrowed ring

48 Chapter Three - Assorted Tricks With Rings
49 Notes From Modern Magic
49 - The Flying Ring
50 - To Pass a Ring From the One Hand to Either Finger of the Other Hand
51 - To Pass a Borrowed Ring Into an Egg
52 Ring Opening (Roland Hurley): an opener for a close up show, uses three similar rings, two gimmicked
54 The Ring's The Thing (Scotty York): Scotty's variation
56 Concorde (Stephen Tucker): borrowed ring on ribbin in envelope
58 Glitter Ring (Jerry Mentzer): crushed and restored borrowed ring
59 I.O.U. (Steve Dusheck): with a special pen and a borrowed ring
61 Ring-A-Ding-Ding (Steve Dusheck): build a ring pull
63 Ring On The Finger (Takeshi Nemoto): using a half-ring
65 The Red Diamond (Steve Dusheck): quickie with a card and a ruby/diamond ring
66 Color-Changing Ring (Steve Dusheck): narrow-band ring to larger ring
67 Eggsceptional Eggs (Steve Dusheck): ring ends up in nest of plastic eggs
70 Ring Into Saltshaker (Jerry Mentzer): special shaker made from a glass salt shaker
71 Ring In Salt (Steve Dusheck): another version
72 Impromptu Ring Into Saltshaker (Jerry Mentzer): use with any shaker
73 Tit For Tat (Bill Tadlock): ring to key case
77 Impromptu Ring Flight (Richard Bartram, Jr.): Borrowed ring changes to coin, ring is found in coin purse
79 Vanishes For Rings: some suggestions for vanishings rings
80 Commercially Available Ring Tricks: a half dozen products listed
82 Other Selected Reading: some suggested resources


A collection of incredible close-up effects with borrowed finger rings! Some in conjunction with the performer's own ring or other props. All are stunners! There is not a "pipe dream" or "strictly theoretical" item among them. Every effect has been performed many, many times. With this collection of fine effects at his disposal, the reader can select one or several of them and perform magic that people will remember!

Magic with borrowed rings has special audience appeal because finger rings are important and valuable. They are extremely personal items. People show pride in themselves, as well as love and affection toward others by the visible symbol of a finger ring. Old-time stage magicians knew the entertainment value of borrowing a ring, destroying it, and later producing it unharmed from inside a nest of boxes, an egg, or a walnut shell.

Today's close- up performer can create similar audience interest by using that very "personal" personal item - a borrowed ring! Over twenty-five effects are described in this large-size, typeset book. Line drawing illustrations accompany the text to clarify key points.

The book is 8-1/2 x 11 inch size
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Jerry Mentzer

Jerry Mentzer is founder and operator of Magic Methods which he started in 1969. During his college years at Ohio State University he authored two booklets on card magic and one on silk magic. He went on to become a mechanical engineer employed by Union Carbide Corporation.

Alfred Jerry Mentzer
April 28, 1940

He was the first to publish a book of Paul Harris' magic.

Mentzer has contributed three Parades to The Linking Ring (May 1965, February, 1971, March, 1972) and many columns including "Best from Books" from March through August 1971. He was an active member of magic clubs in Ohio before moving to South Carolina.

Mentzer has won numerous awards for performing and writing about magic.[1]

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