On The Corner Short
Jerry Mentzer
Jerry Mentzer (1984)
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Mentzer, Jerry: On the Corner Short
©1984 Jerry Mentzer
Booklet, 15 pages

Revealed in this typeset booklet is the inside scoop on a powerful but little known device, a "corner shorted" key card. Prior to this book, very little has been written about "comer shorted" cards. What has been published in the standard reference works of card magic did not explain some of the truly amazing uses to which "comer short&' can be applied. It is likely that previous writers either did not know its powers or did not choose to reveal the information. The few modern card magicians who utilize comer shorted key cards have kept their use a very closely held secret.

On the Comer Short for the first time explains for your benefit many of the secrets of this powerful device. You will learn how to easily prepare a corner shorted card, how to use it as a key card or locator in basic routines, and learn some full-fledged tricks possible with a comer short and perhaps in no other way. Typeset, softbound, 5 1/2 by 8 1/2 inches.

SKILL LEVEL-Experienced/Medium
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