Packet Tricks
Jerry Mentzer
Jerry Mentzer (1982)
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Mentzer, Jerry: Packet Tricks
©1982 by Jerry Mentzer
Softcover, perfect-bound, 5.5x8.5", 63 pages

Comments: Graphics by Creati-Graphics, Photo-Illustrated. Assumes knowledge of basic sleights, such as the Glide, Double Lift, Buckle Count, and so forth, though some moves are detailed.


1 Introduction

3 Part One: With a Regular Deck
5 "Roy"-Al Monte (Roy Walton): A royal flush turns to 4 Aces. Uses the Ascanio Spread.
8 Very Good Hand (Phil Goldstein): An Ace of Spades is seen to be a bit 'ambitious', then hand is seen to hold all Aces of Spades, then turns into a Royal Flush of Hearts. Uses 6 cards.
13 Straight Up With a Twist (Phil Goldstein): A Twisting-The-Aces Effect with another twist
15 Peter Kane's Jazz Aces: As also found in Another Card Session with Peter Kane, and Combined Card Session, this is an Ace Assembly routine. Uses one-ahead principle and the Elmsley count. Also uses the Braue Addition.
18 A Different Sound (Roger Divella): Red and Blue spot cards "follow the leader" and rejoin the packets of their like kind.
24 Mini Oil and Water (Bill Miesel): Using only the four deuces
27 Visual Quickie (Tom Gagnon): Two selections change places. This packet effect utilizes the whole deck as an aid for a couple of portions. Good as an introduction to a signed card to wallet effect.
32 Four A Change (J.K. Hartman): 4 Aces and 4 Kings change places
33 Ringer (J.K. Hartman): A "wand" card is used to find the right Ace
35 Finding Fourthers (J.K. Hartman): selection ends up between two selected Aces

37 Part Two: With Something Special (using special cards)
39 Twist (Vic Trabucco): An Ace, Two, Three and Four turn face down one at a time, then backs change colors
45 Twist Clean Up (John Miller): a clean method of showing the different colored backs for the above effect
47 Walton's Universal (Roy Walton): Three blank cards turn into other cards under the influence of the Ace of Hearts, then a Royal Flush is revealed
51 "X" Marks the Spot (Jerry Mentzer): Spectator picks the only business card with the different back. Good way to hand out a business card.
54 Turncoat Kings (John Miller and Jerry Mentzer): Four red back Kings and one blue back Joker are shown. Back of Joker changed to match Kings, then Kings change to previous Joker color. Joker restore, then all Kings have different color backs.
56 Ace Assembly (Jerry Mentzer): An Ace Assembly trick using a larger packet (about 18 cards) and a few double facers
60 Instant Cards (Jerry Mentzer): a packet of blank cards are shown, then they all develop faces
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