Miesel, William P
Unikorn Magik (1981)
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Magic tricks
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Miesel, William P.: Improvisations
©1981 Ed Eckl, Published by Unikorn Magik, Beverly MA
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 82 pages
ISBN: 0960401603

Comments: Photography by Lori Leo


3 Preface (William Miesel): 1980
7 We'll Get 'Ja: selection vanishes from packet to appear back in the deck
14 Packet to Packet: move to transfer one card
29 Mini Oil and Water: two variations using a minimum of cards
39 Selection Vs. Homing Card: Homing card theme using a selection
45 Dealing With Signed Cards: Impromptu version of Marlo's Vanish and Poker Combination
50 The Stapled Cards: two selections become stapled while two mates become separated
59 The Chameleon Jokers: a packet trick
65 The Visiting Aces Revisited: transposition with surprise finish
70 Uncanny Prediction: selection turns out be prediction, two different routines
81 Publisher's Afterwords
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