A Handbook for Amateur Magicians - Little Blue Book No. 1010
Milburn, George
H. Haldeman-Julius Company (1940)
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USA  eng
Milburn, George: A Handbook for Amateur Magicians
Little Blue Book No. 1010
©1926 Haldeman-Julius Company, Girard, Kansas
Softcover, stapled, 64 pages

Comments: Part of the Little Blue Book Series. Edited by E. Haldeman-Julius. This edition has a different than normal cover, with the statement, "Sorry, we had to use this cover paper because emergency conditions made it impossible to get standard stock cover. We'll switch back immediately after receiving new supplies."


5 Introduction
5 The Fascination of Magic
6 Six Things to Remember
8 Patter
10 Apparatus: needed for this book

12 Card Tricks
12 Two Methods of Discovery
13 Two Methods of Disclosure
14 A Conclave of Kings
15 The Weight of the Suit: using a unique marking system
16 A Mysterious Catch
17 The Magic Twins
18 Coloring the Pack
18 The Mistaken Magician
19 The Mystic Twenty-Seven
21 The Royal Assembly

22 Coin Tricks
22 The Disappearing Dime: gimmicked dime
23 The Dissolving Quarter: in water
24 The Vanishing Half: vanishes in a pill box, to be found elsewhere
25 The Multiplying Coin: use for your magician's wax
25 The Talking Quarter: using IT
27 Mysterious Addition: impromptu
28 A Floating Coin: making a hollow coin
29 The Bewitched Coin: magician knows heads or tails on a spin
30 The Penetrating Dime: vanished dime appears in ball of yarn

32 Dice and Domino Tricks
32 The Multiplying Dice: two dice in a box become four
32 The Mathematical Crapshooter: mathematical trick
33 The Changing Spots: dice faces change as hand is passed
33 The Mystic Ends: magician predicts ending dominoes in a game
34 The Clairvoyant Domino: magician determines how many dominoes moved
35 The Magnetic Dice: one die lifts another

36 Handkerchief Tricks
36 The Incombustible Handkerchief: a dangerous trick
37 The Devil's Noserag: making a devil's napkin
38 Handkerchief Knots: two knot tricks
39 The Magic Billiard Ball: selected handkerchief changes into a glass ball
40 Dyeing the Handkerchief: without a dye-tube
41 Houdini's Handkerchief Wrapper: coin penetrates handkerchief
42 The Mesmerized Napkin: assistants and IT
43 The Egg-Laying Bandanna: multiple eggs produced from a bandanna, yet hat is empty

46 Miscellaneous Tricks
46 The Hydrostatic Tumbler: a science trick
46 Hindu Paper Bands: also known as the Afghan bands
47 The Dry Hand: using Lycopodium
47 A Watch Trick: mathematical clock trick
48 The Chinese Balls: release from tapes
50 The Ribbon Mill: comedy ribbons from mouth
51 The Bent Watch: borrowed watch illusion
52 The Magic Liquor: red liquid changes colors as poured into glasses
53 The Magic Names: mentalism ashes on arm
54 The Vanishing Stamp: making a box vanisher
54 The Bewitched Spoons: magician determines which spoon touched (confederate)
55 Secret Writing Inks: how to make them
56 The Egg in a Bottle: a solid egg is passed into a bottle
57 A Sack Escape: an escape
59 Sightless Reading: blindfolded assistant reads words written on cards

61 Parlor Juggling
61 Spinning a Ball on a Parasol: how to gimmick the ball
61 Balancing a Drinking Glass: on a card
62 Match and Matchbox Juggling: several tricks
63 The Perpendicular Handkerchief: handkerchief stands erect
64 The Clipped Envelope: envelope is cut in the air as it falls
64 Balancing an Egg on End: science stunt


This is one of the Little Blue Books issued in the 1940s. This one is 1010 - A Handbook for Amateur Magicians. It is 5 x 3.5 inches, 64 pages, loaded with amazing info. Would make a wonderful collectable, or reference book from the olden days. Very good condition, gentle corner creases, binding is tight.
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