Baker's Bonanza
Miller, Hugh
The Supreme Magic Company (1978)
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Miller, Hugh: Baker's Bonanza
©1968 Harry Stanley, England
Hardcover, w/dj, 128 pages
©1978 Supreme Magic, U.K.
Hardcover, w/dj, 128 pages:

Comments: The Magic of Roy Baker.


5 Preface (Hugh Miller)

7 Section 1 General Magic
9 Bakers Beakers: water multiplies as poured from one beaker to another, and more!
14 Bisected Balloon: magician cuts balloon in two and has two balloons
15 Air-Lite: floating lightbulb
19 Flap-Doodle Bag: making a specialized change bag
21 Super Silks: quick and effective silk routine
25 Electro-Van: bulb in carton in shown to light, and then vanishes
30 T&R Gag: gag for your torn and restored newspaper

31 Section 2 Card Magic
33 The Last of the Last Cards: performer writes prediction on blackboard that matches selection
38 Name Your Card: an automatic card trick
43 Star Location: colored star stuck to the Joker travels and adheres to selection
47 Fantastic Aces: A Two Ace trick; teaches Double Lift and a false shuffle
53 Ah-Bee Card in Envelope: selection ends up in envelope
59 Crazy Speller: another automatic card trick
60 Forceful Revelation: a comedy card revelation
61 Blindfold Discovery: variation of card on forehead
64 Psycho Card: spectator finds his own selection
68 Drunk Card: a party trick with a specially gimmicked card

71 Section 3 Close Up Magic
73 Bewildering Matches: matches transpose, salt vanishes, and more
78 Three Trees: cute coin effect with a shell penny
79 Hat Tissue: a routine full of tissue paper tearing
85 Going Through the Rye: coin penetrates a pack of cards
88 Ring Off: large ring is pulled of fingers, which are sealed with a rubber band
90 Shooting Star: star transposes from penny to hand
91 Spoon on Nose: party stunt
93 Coins Across: with just four coins

99 Section 4 Mentalism
101 Salt and Sugar: magician predicts salt or sugar
104 Contact Mind Reading: finding an object placed in the room by the spectator
108 Dead or Alive: magician finds the dead name, while blindfolded and before the slip is opened
113 Roy Bakers Mental Act: Roy's full act with Dead Name Test, Design Divination, Card Divination, and Book Test

128 Index
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