The Art of Eddie Joseph
Miller, Hugh
Harry Stanley (1969)
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Magic tricks
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Miller, Hugh: The Art of Eddie Joseph
©1968 Harry Stanley
Hardcover, w/dj, 344 pages

©1978 Supreme Magic Co., Ltd
Art of Eddie Joseph


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9 Foreword (Harry Stanley)

15 Card Magic:
15 My New Six Card Repeat Trick: uses only 6 cards with a surprise ending
21 My Card Peek: utility move
22 - Bringing Peeked Card to Top
24 - Bringing Peeked Card to Bottom
25 Borrowed Sight: performer reveals peeked at card in three different ways
29 Trapped In Space: magician tosses deck bound in rubber bands and catches the selection, using peek
30 Fertile Fingers: magician cuts to spectators selection; uses peek
34 The Hidden Truth: performer determines selections peeked at by two spectators
35 Peculiar Permeation: selection revealed from under a handkerchief; uses peek
39 Veiled Passage: selected card is named, and then found in an envelope; uses peek
42 The Critical Thrust: a card is selected using a meat skewer, and the magician locates it using the same skewer
48 A Person to Person Call: an over the telephone card demonstration
51 Vacant Vision: a find the lady card effect using a gimmicked card; with variations
60 Heart Throb: magician finds two selections using a mathematical principle
66 Minds in Collusion: magician names four cards chosen by spectators
73 Coin Magic:
75 An Opening Combination: a drink is produced from a handkerchief, then coins, then the coins vanish
83 International Currency: multiple coins produced from a borrowed handkerchief
86 Crash Entry: a stack of coins penetrates a handkerchief covering the other hand
90 Ballistic Coin: one of two coins penetrates a pack of cards, at the spectator's selection
97 - Second Presentation: without the glass
98 Unseen Flight: Five coins vanish from right fingers to left fist; then one coin joins those held by spectator
103 Rainbow Coins: a coin assembly
109 The Back-Hand Smack: move for vanishing or changing a coin
111 - The Smack Change: using the move for a change
113 Fair Exchange: a Half Crown splits to five sixpenny-pieces
114 Your Choice, Sir: one of two coins vanishes uses the Smack move
115 A Twin Sucker Episode: a coin vanish is explained to a spectator, who find the coin in his own pocket
120 Red and Green: coins with red and green labels become mixed in this four phase routine
128 Sensational Disappearance: in returning two rings to the spectators, coins vanish from a handkerchief
134 Secret Exit: three of six coins penetrate a handkerchief
141 Reel Tricks:
143 The Nuptial Knot: an untying knot and the proper way of presentation
148 A Cabaret Routine: multi-phase silk and ring routine
153 My De Luxe Routine And Handling of the Serpent Silk
155 The Spirit Lends a Hand: a knot vanishes from a silk
156 The Snake Sheds Its Skin: surprise doubling of a silk
157 Reel Tips: several tips on the care and use of your reel
159 Close-Up Magic
161 Match Mysteries: for match sticks
161 - Slow Motion Squeeze Vanish
161 -- Single Match Vanish: a match stick vanishes in the hand
164 -- Multiple Vanish: up to three matches
166 -- Twin Vanish: another version
166 -- Resume: discussion
167 Match Flight & Recovery
167 - Flight One: basic vanish with a routine suggestion
170 - Flight Two: another approach for the vanish
170 - Fight Three: full match is seen up to the last point of the vanish
171 - Flight Four: vanish up to three matches together
171 - Flight Five: using a handkerchief
172 - Flight Six: another handkerchief aided vanish
173 - The Recovery: from the ring
174 - Perpetual Matches: combining moves from above
175 The Human Magnet: a different approach to the pencil that clings to the hand
179 Bewildering Buttons: a sort-of improvised Chop Cup routine with two cups and buttons
180 - Downward Penetration
181 - Upward Penetration
181 - Direct Penetration
184 Traversing Ring & Note: a ring in a handkerchief in a sack becomes linked to a skewer, and a bill vanishes to be found in the handkerchief
189 Recurring Smokes: lit cigarette production from a handkerchief
193 Hold My Wrist: producing a silk and introducing some coins
198 Ring On Stick: an approach to the borrowed finger ring on stick routine
202 Converging Cubes: a chink-a-chink & sponge ball type routine using sponge squares
208 The Hindu Yarn Trick: yarn is ripped into sections and restored
213 Cabaret Magic:
215 Smoky Silks: a cigarette production and then three silks produced with a unique gimmick to make
220 My Sympathetic Silks: Eddie's unique approach with a surprise finish
225 Indian Rice Stabbing Illusion: rice multiplies into a jar, which is then suspended on just a knife blade
233 - Additional Tips
235 Full View Flash Escape: magician is apparently bound by ropes and a scarf, but leaves the spectators holding the ropes
240 Unyielding Rope: a cut and restored rope with knots, a ring, and more
246 Mysterious Resurrection: sucker torn and restored tissue
252 Sleek Burnt & Restored Hanky: another approach
259 Yogi's Gaze: setting fire to newspaper through mental thought
269 Cutting Through A Lady: ribbons cut through a spectator without harm
274 Secret Ballot: mental effect, magician determines which ballot name was selected, even though all are marked
277 Living Calendar: name the day for any date selected
287 Thought Reflection: Magician is able to determine which character and which object three spectators have taken on
299 Elusive Tie: ring and rope tie, with lessons in fake knots
302 - Teenager Club: tie with scarf and five rings
303 - Make Your Call: with 7 different sized rings
305 - The Squeeze Through: single ring and scarf
306 - Parting of the Ways: large and a small ring
308 - The Drop: ring drops through
308 - Incredible: five knots tied to a ring and they all vanish
310 The Regal Sceptre: a long wand comes seems to move about on its own
316 - The Flashgun Extension: a presentation around the space program
319 Mirage: building a hold-out
326 - The Intruders: two odd coins of six vanish
326 - Magic Change: a large coin changes to many smaller ones
327 - Heads or Tails: coin vanish and reappearance
327 - On the Spectator's Hand: coin vanishes from spectator's hand to be found elsewhere
328 - Tacit Command: selected card vanishes from the packet
331 - Silky Smooth Card Vanish: another card vanish
332 - The Mystery of the Autographed Card: signed selected card vanishes from deck and is found in magician's pocket, leaving spectator with a business card
335 - My Favourite Queen: uses duplicates
336 - The Note Evaporates: Mirage method for vanishing a note
339 - The Elusive Pen: using the Mirage for vanishing a borrowed pen
340 - General Observations
341 E.J. Universal Holder & Display Stand: design ideas
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