MAGICUS -- MT233.200 - (Copper Colored)
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MAGICUS -- MT233.200
(Copper Colored)

DATE: 1980
OBV: "MAGICUS MAGICUS/ 1980 MAGICUS 1980", around mustachioed caricature head or magician.
REV: "MAGICUS", formed by coil coming from tambourine, over two hands with thumbs crossed.
COMPOSITION: AnCp, ChPl, Cp, Gt, SiPl, Coppper, R4 30-R

There are five platings over an unknown base metal. Antique Copper, Chrome Plated, Copper, Gilt and Silver color.
Five versions have also been described as, chrome, silver plated, gold plated, copper and copper washed.

This token is from the collection of Jerry Fields,being sold for his wife Ann Fields. Many of these will be posted over the next few months.
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Read It No
Location Magic Library (Home)
Condition Mint
Owner Bryan-Keith Taylor