Words from the Wizard
Moorehouse, Hank
Hank Moorehouse (1985)
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Magic tricks
USA  English
Moorehouse, Hank: Words From the Wizard
©1985 Hank Moorehouse, White Pigeon, MI
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 48 pages

Comments: Illustrations By Char Bontjes, Typesetting By Buddy Moorehouse, printed with The Help Of Jack Richards.
From the introduction, "There are no secrets revealed in this book. At least there are no explanations or instructions for doing tricks. So what's in this book? Ideas and Methods!...getting attention, getting publicity, and getting shows...There is a single chapter on finding out what tricks...really leave an impression on your audiences. Included in this book is a complete transcript of a promotional show...there are 11 routines in this chapter alone. The chapter which follows it has an additional five routines utilizing fairly standard props..."

Contents (from book ToC):

5 Introduction (Hank Moorehouse)
7 About The Author (Terry Seabrooke)

9 Chapter 1: Get Their Attention And Set The Mood
10 Chapter 2: Walk-around Magic (Not Necessarily Table Hopping)
15 Chapter 3: The Wizard of WAAM
18 Chapter 4: The Strait Jacket—Or, You Need A Gimmick Or Trademark
20 Chapter 5: The Great Houdini—Or, There Is More To Magic Than Shows
23 Chapter 6: Listen To What The Audience Has To Say
26 Chapter 7: The Magic Of Girl Scout Cookies
44 Chapter 8: Routines
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