Thought-Reading Exposed - How To Become A Thought-Reader
Morrow, Albert
The Daisy Bank Printing & Publishing Co.,
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Magic Tricks - Mentalism
Great Britain  eng
Morrow, Albert:Thought-Reading Exposed
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Softcover, 32 pages


Undated "Thought-Reading Exposed: How To Become A Thought-Reader" by Albert Morrow.
Softcover booklet is 32 pages long.
Written in hopes of popularizing thought reading and increasing interest in the subject. Morrow presents methods of thought reading in their simplest form, but warns readers that to make a profession out of thought reading, "you must be extra clever". Booklet is in overall FAIR condition. Covers and spine have several small to medium sized chips, along with numerous tape repairs along the cover edges and spine. The inside front cover has a few tape repairs, a large "J. Rogers & Sons" stamp, and magician George McAthy's, private library sticker. The inside rear cover has a few tape repairs, as well as Leo Behnke's "LEO" sticker at the top corner. There are no loose or missing interior pages, though there are small scattered chips to the page edges throughout. A few interior pages also have small tape repairs. Pages show normal age toning.

As with any booklets this old, some ageing and minor imperfections should be expected, as well as the possibility of unobtrusive prior owner's notations, inventory control numbers and / or signatures. Any major imperfections will be noted.
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