The Magician's Handbook - An Illustrated Guide to the Art of Magic
Parrish, Robert
Thomas Yoseloff, Inc. (1958)
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Magician - Biography
USA  English
Parrish, Robert:The Magician's Handbook
©1944 Robert Parrish
©1945 Bernard Ackerman, Inc.
©1958 New Edition A.S. Barnes and Company, Inc., New York, A Perpetua Book
©1960 Perpetua Edition
Library of Congress Number 58-14113
Hardbound, 240 pages

Comment: A decent beginner's book

Contents: (sorry, chapters only)

1. Warning: The Fun of Magic: An introduction to performing
2. The Way It Looks and the Way It Is: An essay on the appearance of things
3. The Old Ways and the New: A short essay on how magic has changed
4. The First Trick: The importance of learning it well, A matchstick trick presented
5. After Dinner Magic: Knife paddle, variation of glass through table, walnut and kumquat exchange
6. Card Magic with the Greatest of Ease: Controlling Cards and some tricks
7. How to be a Psychic: Five mental effects
8. Manipulating Many Things
9. Larger Tricks
10. A Magic Show
11. And the Pursuit of Magic...
12. How to be Deceptive
13. The Magic Counterpane
14. The Magic Tea Table
15. Needlework Magic
16. Take a Little Magic After Dinner
17. Magic for a Night Out
18. Bring Magic to Your Week Ends
19. The Magician on the Brass Rail Road
20. The Show
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LoC Control Number 58-14113
No. of Pages 240
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