Dove Pan-orama
Bruce Posgate
Herb Morrissey Products (1972)
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Magic tricks
Canada  eng
Posgate, Bruce: Dove Pan-ORama
©1972 Herb Morrissey Products, Montreal, Canada
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 47 pages

Comments: Illustrations by Sid Lorraine. "A comprehensive survey of amusing ideas and ways to use a dove pan in an entertaining manner."

Contents (from book):

3 Foreword (Sid Lorraine)
5 Introduction: about Dove pans
6 Handy Hints
6 Dove Pan Designs
7 Performing With a Dove Pan
8 Dove Production
8 Rabbit Production
8 Baby Chick Production
8 Triplets
8 A Bevy of Baby Chicks
8 Flower Productions
9 The Magic Flower Pot
9 Baking a Cake
9 Candy Production
10 Paper Coil Production
11 A Basket of Fruit
12 A Stunt for a Stag Party Smoker
12 For Ladies...Sales Promotions...Demonstrations
12 Instant Fried Eggs
13 Jellybean Soup
14 Comedy Egg Incubation
14 Which Came First....?
15 Ribbon Cascade
16 Another Cascading Effect
17 Castles In the Air
17 Build Your Own Card Castle!
20 The Miser's Nightmare: a money effect
21 A Gospel Magician's Idea
21 Butterfly Soup - With Variations
22 Instant Spot Remover
23 How to Make Christmas Decorations
23 M.S.C.P.: silk routine for juveniles
24 Why Not M.S.P.P.: variation
24 Yet Another M.S.C.P. Routine
24 The Music Box
25 Balloon Animals
26 Card Tricks
26 Another Card Trick
27 Hot Dog!
27 Chinese Lantern Production
27 More Hot Dogs
28 Magic Linking Rings: into to a linking rings routine
28 Chinese Linking Rings - With Every Ring Examined: ring switch idea and basic routine
29 Never Play Cards With Strangers
30 The Elusive Birthday Cake
31 Comedy Prelude to Baking a Cake
31 Extra Special, Super-Duper, Colossal, Spectacular Dove Pan Production
32 The Original Computer: pan becomes a math computer
35 The Chinese Magician: producing an outfit
36 Sequel to the Chinese Magician Effect: an additional production
37 A Good Wish Banner Production
38 Apple Pie: balloons inflate
38 For the Close Up Worker: another card trick
39 Chandelier Production
41 Hallowe'en Party Masks: party idea
41 Any Drink Called For...At a Children's Party!
42 Another Milk Production Routine
42 Wine and Roses
43 Magic Chafing Dish: running gag
44 Triple Dove Pan Production (Herby Morrissey): uses a double load pan
44 Laughing Gas: using a laughing bag novelty
45 Another Which Came First: for magicians onlyl
45 Instant Alarm Clock
46 The Magic Tambourine: tambourine routine using a dove pan
47 Good Night: closer

Product Details
No. of Pages 48
Personal Details
Read It No
Location Magic Library (Home) Shelf S
Condition Very Fine
Owner Bryan-Keith Taylor
Posgate, Bruce
(1900 - 1990)
Canadian magician Bruce Posgate was not so much an inventor of magic as an originator of magic routines using other magician's inventions. He also wrote the instructions for many magic tricks sold by dealers.
Bruce remembered seeing Oswald Williams perform a Magic Laundry effect at the Egyptian Hall in London. In the August 1951 issue of The Linking Ring (Volume 31 - No. 6) he wrote up his routine for "The Magic Laundry" which inspired another originator of magic, Lewis J. Thomas, to devise the "Chinese Washing Machine" manufactured later by Supreme.*
Wrote: Table Hopping (1974), Dove Pan-Orama, Necklace Trickery, It's Not What You Do (Lecture Notes), Kid Show Showmanship (1961),
*Researched by Andrew Pinnard.