Magic In Rhyme
Rauscher, William V.
1878 Press Company (2003)
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United States of America  eng
Rauscher, William V.: Magic In Rhyme
©2003 1st edition, 1878 Press Company
Paperback, 243 pages

Bill Rauscher has compiled a volume with hundreds of verses written by more than 100 authors featuring magic and magicians in both serious, humorous, lighthearted poems and limericks. This attractive book is a pleasing, refreshing, serious, funny and touching anthology for the magic fraternity. In the book are many photos and illustrations and the poems are complimented by introductions and commentary. You are invited to enter the magic minds of such notables as Theo Bamberg, Herman Weber, Micky Hades, Harry Opel, Lance Pierce, Houdini and many others. Hardcover and 243 pages.

Published by 1878 Press Company
8 1/2 x 11 - Color Cover Featuring a Lithograph from the Norm Nielsen Collection
240 Pages - Numerous Photos and Illustrations
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