Silent Mora - The story of Louis J. McCord
Rauscher, William V.
1878 Press Company (2014)
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Magician - Biography
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Rauscher, William V.: Silent Mora
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Hardcover, 240 pages

In the first half of the previous century, the popularity of Vaudeville, Chautauqua, and Lyceum kept thousands of performers, magicians included, fully employed. These venues, coupled with nightclubs, private dates and clubs produced heady days of success. After the advent of the first motion picture talkies, then later, television, many performers were left to wonder where they could work and survive.

Such was the case of Silent Mora, a well-known and popular Vaudeville performer with expert manipulative skills. Mora traveled the country, who managed to continue contributing original articles and tricks to the magazines of the day, and a frequent correspondent with his fellow magic stars.

Like so many performers of his time, his image faded after his death only to surface fondly in conversation. Today, Mora is recognized by magic collectors who eagerly seek out his handmade props such as his custom-made and decorated bamboo Chinese wands, fans, and other effects.

Few magicians attain the household recognition of Houdini, Thurston, or Keller, who were America's favorite magicians of their time. Most are forgotten by the general public today. However, Mora was popular among the magic fraternity, and deserves a brighter spotlight in magic history. This book is an effort to resurrect his memory and imprint his name and magic onto theater history.

Pages: 240 - 8.5" x 11" - Hardcover - 60 pages in color - hundreds of black and white photos.
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Silent Mora (Louis Jerome McCord)

October 25, 1884
Allegheny, Pennsylvania

August 5, 1972 (age 87)
City Hospital, Boston, Mass


Silent Mora (1884 - 1972) made most of his own apparatus and may be best known for his Balls in Net routine.

Mora tutored in magic by John Lawrence McKissock and while young he became friends with Edward Maro who was a successful bandleader and magician. He reversed the vowels in Maro to create his stage name.

He performed on vaudeville, doing a silent act early in his career, possibly the first pantomime magic act in Oriental costume. Ching Ling Foo taught him a number of routines. He also did shadowgraphy and juggling.

He may have also been one of the first to synchronize magic to music in a performance.

Silent Mora later settled in Boston and became active in the magic community.

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