How To Do A Magic Camp - For Fun & Profit
Regling, Dennis
Magic Marketing Company (2011)
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Regling, Dennis: How To Do A Magic Camp For Fun & Profit
©2011 Magic Marketing Company
booklet, 14 pages

Now is the time to start scheduling your summer magic camps.

This complete program includes posters, registration forms, and the other forms necessary to start booking these
programs now.

You will learn:
* Who will host your magic camp
* Where to find students
* The schedule for a successful magic camp
* What tricks to teach
* Where to get the tricks - build a complete kit for less than $5.00/student
* Teaching methods
* Turn your magic camp into shows for the coming year
* Maximize profits by offering additional items for sale

The average magic camp will have about 20 children. Average fee for 5 days/2 hrs/day per camper is $40.00
plus $10 for supplies. That's $900/week. Do two camps/day and you double that. Plus- sell additional products
(we tell you which ones) and up your income. Book birthday parties and other programs through the year.

Use this same method to book magic classes all winter long.
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