Midnignht Fantasy
Reid, Wally
Tannen's Magic Manuscript Ltd. (1987)
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Magic tricks
USA  eng
Reid, Wally: Midnight Fantasy Sketchbook
©1987 Tannen's Magic Manuscript, Ltd.
Hardcover, 5.5x8.5", 134 pages

Comments: Ideas for Stage Illusions and Magic Tricks. Edited by Jenninfer Spina.

1 Introduction
11 Phanta-Phase Table
13 Bewitching Card Rise
17 Spirit Links
20 Candle Stix
23 Rabbit Silk
25 Silken Mirage
30 Spookee
34 Nu-Phoenix Dove
38 The Witches' Rabbit
41 A Ghostly Goodnight
43 Thanatopsis
50 Going.....Gone! A Matter of Time
58 The Jack-O-Lantern Illusion
65 Wallis - Delusion - A Ghostly Entrance
73 Transudation Illusion - Just Passing Thru
80 Midnight Monsters
86 The Spider Cage
95 The Wallis Spirit Cabinet
105 -Oh- Night of the Wandering Souls
117 Die-Version
123 The Pendulum Illusion
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