Rice's Encyclopedia of Silk Magic Volume 3
Rice, Harold R.
Silk King Studios (1974)
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Rice, Harold R.: Rice`s Encyclopedia of Silk Magic Vol.3
©1962 Harold R. Rice, Silk King Studios
Hardcover, 5.5x8", 489 pages
©1974 Edition Harold R. Rice, Silk King Studios

©1986 ESM Publishers, Boston
Harold Rice's Encyclopedia of Silk Magic Volume 3

Comments: Illustrator: Francis B. Martineau. Volume 3 of Harold Rice's extensive coverage of silk magic. A volume four was written by Mark Trimble to round out the set.

Contents: (Chapters only):
iii Dedication III

1055 Chapter Eighteen Sympathetic Silks
1161 Chapter Nineteen Blendo Effects
1212 Chapter Twenty "Naughty" Silks
1215 Chapter Twenty-One Silks And Eggs
1355 Chapter Twenty-Two Soup Plates And Silks
1385 Chapter Twenty-Three Silks and Candles
1421 Chapter Twenty-Four Openers
1507 Chapter Twenty-Five Jap Hank Box

Illustrator Francis B. Martineau
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