Rice's Encyclopedia of Silk Magic Volume 4
Rice, Harold R.
EMS Publishers (1993)
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Rice, Harold R.: Rice's Encyclopedia of Silk Magic Volume 4
©1993 EMS Publishers
Hardcover, 1,948 pages

One of the greatest compilations of Silk Magic ever produced. The text was entirely done by hand by one of our most talented magical artists, Martineau. He also penned each and every drawing using actual models, giving minute detail.
Literally, hundreds and hundreds of effects using silk hanks, gimmicks, props, etc. You will discover clever color changes, vanishes, transpositions. Incredible props and gimmicks all presented in easy to read, easy to understand fashion. Anything and everything you can think to do with a silk hank is covered here.

You will be able to make and perform these great effects as every detail is given. You will understand how silk is made and cared for. You will be treated to complete routines and effects combining silks with other props such as ball and rings.

A veritable Sultan's treasure awaits you in the form of elegant and superb Silk Magic. This is Vol. 4 of a four volume set.

I highly recommend Rice's Encyclopedia of Silks as a must for every magical library-

Illustrator Francis B. Martineau
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