50 Tricks
Steele, W. F. (Rufus)
Louis Tannen (1956)
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Magic Card
USA  English
Steele, W.F. (Rufus): 50 Tricks
©1946, Pub. by Louis Tannen
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 6x9", 64 pages

Comments: "50 Tricks You Can Do, You Will Do, Easy to Do. Contains over 50 of the finest card tricks with a borrowed deck and from the brains of our very best card magicians"


5 Community Do As I Do (Bert Allerton)
6 A "Chic" Trick ("Chic" Schoke)
7 Colors Will Tell (Eddie Morton)
9 Mix—Cut and Look (Billy O'Connor)
10 Location From New Deck (Arthur Buckley)
11 Your Number—Your Card (Paul Rosini)
12 This Is Your Card (George Coon)
13 Money On The Line (George Foster)
14 Do It For Me (Gene Bernstein)
16 Mathematical Marvel (Arden Morris)
17 Number Transposition (Ed Marlo)
18 DeLuxe Spelling Trick
19 Improved Jack-Jack-Jack
20 An Old Trick in a New Dress (Eric Peterson)
21 While I Turn My Back (Paul Rosini)
22 Triple Divination (Clark C. Crandall)
25 Cards and Pellets (Stewart Judah)
26 "Reverso" ("Dorny")
27 Ducy-Ducy (Dai Vernon)
29 Number Trick
30 The Great Mental Mystery From Pinochle (Little Johnny Jones)
32 Spectator's Name (Martin Barnett)
33 Mathematical Discovery (Harry Blackstone)
34 That Number Down (Doc Miller)
35 Phenomenal Memory (Paul Stadelman)
36 You Could Have Selected That One (Frank Shepard)
37 Allerton's Indicator (Bert Allerton)
38 I Should Judge
40 Passe Shuffle (Bill Baird)
40 Three Card Location
41 Simplicity Transposition (Lt. Royal H. Brin, Jr. USN)
42 Name Your Cards (Bo Bo)
43 Figures Don't Lie
44 You Remember This One (Bert Allerton)
45 Spelling Card Trick With Duplicate Queens (Bill Salisbury)
46 Simplicity Poker Deal (Lt. Royal H. Brin, Jr. USN)
47 Twenty Card Sequel (Lt. W.T. Willard)
49 Riffle Shuffle
49 Two Digits
50 Tapping Trick (Ed Miller)
51 Bridge and Poker Demonstration (W.F. (Rufus) Steele)
53 Missing Deuce (Bert Allerton)
55 Royal Flush
56 Number Trick (Van Osdol)
57 Prediction (Doc Roberts)
58 Making It Stick
59 Mental Thought (Bill Bowman)
61 Revelation (Bob Oswald)
62 Ten Card Effect
62 Poker Stack From New Deck (Bill Salisbury)
63 In The Middle
Product Details
No. of Pages 64
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Location Magic Library (Home)
Condition Very Fine
Owner Bryan-Keith Taylor
Rufus Steele
(1881 - 9th September 1955)


Born in Janesville, WI, William F. Steele grew up in New England and attended the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to become an electrical engineer. His interest in magic came from a meeting of Dr. James William Elliott.

Rufus never married, and spent most of his time active in the magic community and the I.B.M. In later years he was a professional gambler and became a well known card expert. The last years of his life, he lived out at the Wacker Hotel where Rufus, Theo Bamberg and other magicians have made their home, often giving card lessons

Rufus wrote several books on card magic:

Card Tricks You Will Do (1928)
Card Tricks That are Easy To Learn (1935)
50 Tricks You Can Do, You Will Do, Easy to Do (1946)
52 Amazing Card Tricks (1949)
Paul Rosini's Magical Gems (1950)
The Last Word On Cards (1952)

Rufus was his nickname. His real first names were William Francis. He was born in Janesville, Wisconsin. By his own dubious accounts, a pro gambler, soldier (WW I), engineer, journalist, hotel clerk. Inspired and learned magic c1900 by private demo from Dr J.W. Elliott. Amateur magician. Voted into the New York "Inner Circle" by 1940. Died in Chicago.