From The Collection Of June Horowitz
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From The Collection Of June Horowitz -- PD

LOCATION: Colon, Michigan
OBV: Plain
REV: Plain
COMPOSITION: Chrome plated steel, 37.5-R

Possibly made by Abbott’s of Colon, Michigan.


June Horowitz (1913-2018) was first female president of the International Brotherhood of Magicians when she was installed in 1987.[1]


Her dad and her husband were both magicians. A teacher by profession, she never missed any of the Abbott's Get-Together events and was the first female to have a marker installed on Colon’s Magicians Walk of Fame.

At the age of 100, Horowitz is still an active member of the Grand Rapids IBM Ring 211, which is named the June Horowitz and John DeVries Magic Club.
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Condition Very Fine
Owner Bryan-Keith Taylor