Dial X - By Grant The Original
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Dial X - By Grant The Original
Extremely Rare & Collectible
Circa 1950

This original Dial-X is with credit to Grant & Reynolds and the finest of all ever produced being the first.

EFFECT: A plexiglas clock dial is shown, and the mental magi turns his back as the spectator turns the hand/pointer to any number, shows the number to the rest of the audience, and then turns the hand back to twelve o'clock. Turning back to the audience, the mentalist picks up the dial, and asks the spectator to just THINK "yes" or "no" as the dial's hand is moved to each number in turn. The mentalist concentrates, and correctly identifies the thought of number. Can be repeated with different times being selected.
This includes non original instructions which give different methods for detection.

NOTE: The 2nd picture shows this with the cover on (which has a crack in it as shown) however the cover is not needed or used for the effect.
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Location Magic Library (Home)
Condition Near Mint
Owner Bryan-Keith Taylor